New York City FC Matches Come with Song Sheets

Mark Patterson@@MarkPattersonBRUK Staff WriterMay 4, 2015


New MLS team New York City have got to build up a tradition, and the plan to inspire the likes of David Villa and (soon) Frank Lampard to hit the heights includes song sheets with chants for every game.

For fans in England, that sort of thing doesn't sit right.

Being told to sing, "You might have some history, but we don't give a crud" (yes, "crud"), might seem a bit patronising.

And it probably won't take long to learn the words to "N...Y...C...*clap*."

But it's (almost) all forgiven for this Mix Diskerud Kiss tribute: "I, wanna Diskerud all night, and party every day!"

[h/t Balls.ie]

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