Roman Reigns Is The Authority's Biggest Threat

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistMay 5, 2015

Roman Reigns
Roman Reignscredit: wwe.com

Roman Reigns may not be the hero WWE fans deserve right now, but he might just be the one they need.

He's currently feuding with Seth Rollins, which could lead him to a WWE world title victory at Payback on May 17.

It might also lead to Reigns' toppling Rollins' corporate benefactor, The Authority.  At this point, there is no bigger threat to Triple H's group than the former Shield strongman.

It's a big task for any protagonist at WWE, one that has not been easily achievable.  It's not as if an effort has not been made: John Cena, Daniel Bryan and even Sting have all been close.  But no one has been able to take The Authority down.

And now it falls to Reigns.

He's the best choice, the one with the deep connection to Rollins from The Shield and the one with the most to gain by stopping The Authority.  Reigns has been painted as the next big thing, the man fans should be supporting because he is the future face of WWE.

Roman at WrestleMania 31
Roman at WrestleMania 31credit: wwe.com
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Winning at WrestleMania was not in the cards, and his performance against Brock Lesnar that night was not enough to convince fans of his value and get everyone on the same page.  Much of his rise seemed rushed and undeserved, causing fans to feel he wasn't ready and thus to not support him.

But now that some time has passed, he may have swayed popular opinion to his side.

Reigns looks better in the ring, his work does not seem as hurried, and he appears to be more comfortable than he ever has been.  He still looks like a star, and on his best day, he can still cut a very effective promo.  The fact that he has not been shoved down the throats of fans anymore since WrestleMania has helped him tremendously.

And the truth is that he needs the bragging rights that go along with stopping The Authority.

The Authority
The Authoritycredit: wwe.com

It's a logical next step for him, as he is the most logical Superstar to play the hero here.  His past with Rollins is the main jumping-off point for him, because he has yet to gain revenge for what happened to The Shield in 2014.

Reigns, Rollins and Dean Ambrose were sitting atop WWE as the most dominant faction of all time.  Every trio of stars that stepped up to them was defeated, and every time they worked in the ring, they brought the house down.  Much like The Authority cannot be stopped, neither could The Shield.

But then Rollins made a deal with the devil when he aligned with Triple H and betrayed his Shield brethren in the middle of the ring on Raw.

Since that time, Rollins has yet to fully pay for what he did.  Ambrose did what he could against Rollins, but it was arguably not enough.  Rollins has never been bigger than he is right now, and it seems no one can stop him.

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollinscredit: wwe.com

But if anyone can slow him down, it's Reigns.  And when it comes to The Authority, Reigns has already defeated one of its top guns, The Big Show.  He's proved he cannot be intimidated by anyone in that unit or be held down for long. 

Kane could be next after Rollins, which could ultimately lead to Triple H somewhere down the road, possibly at SummerSlam.  It's one of WWE's biggest nights of the year and could be a major turning point for Reigns in terms of getting over the main event hump.  

Beating The Game at SummerSlam could set Reigns on the path to headline WrestleMania once again, and maybe this time he will be in much better shape to take the company's top prize.  Ending The Authority's two-year reign would be huge for him and could possibly earn full fan support going into the latter half of 2015 and beyond.

Randy Orton may be booked in a high-profile spot right now, but that does not mean it will fall to him.  He is also feuding with Rollins and has a shot at the gold as well, but his own defection from The Authority was not enough to end the group.  And while his angle with Rollins is an intriguing one, it's Reigns who needs the rub that taking The Authority down would generate.

The Authority is preoccupied with internal issues, but it's the man on the outside it should be the most concerned about.  

Reigns is its biggest threat, and it may only be a matter of time until he proves it.

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