They're Game: South Carolina Is Stocked with Youthful Talent

Alex Roberts@@alexCoAbassCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2009

ORLANDO, FL - JANUARY 04:  Safety Stephon Gilmore #4 of the white team runs onto the field before the All America Under Armour Football Game at Florida Citrus Bowl on January 4, 2009 in Orlando, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

South Carolina is entering a season where hopes are high but proven skill players are missing from the roster.

On the spectrum, this season could fall anywhere from "rebuilding" to "finally over the hump" status.  A 2-10 season is as probable as a 10-2 season.  Carolina can compete with any of the teams on their schedule (except for possibly the greatest team this generation has seen, Florida).

The fate of this team is going to be decided by the play of the young players Spurrier has brought to the table.

With only nine seniors set to play, and the majority of the team made up of freshmen and sophomores, one can only hope that these players come in ready to play.

There is talent all over the board, but much of it is unproven.  The quarterback, the leader of team, has a history of immaturity; although that seems to be in the rearview mirror, the chance is there.

With veterans getting into legal trouble (Geathers, Ajiboye, Whitlock), younger players have to step up even more.  This includes players that are not a part of the "holy trinity" of freshman (Stephon Gilmore, Jarvis Giles, and Devonte Holloman).

Alshon Jeffrey needs to step up immediately.  As does D.J. Swearingin and Chaz Sutton.  Players whose names are not in the limelight need to immediately get use to their number being called.

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Steve Spurriur has created a very promising team.  As long as he is around to watch it blossom, this team has the potential to be great.  Will it begin this year?  We can only wait with baited breath.