Will Willie Wilt This Year?

Mike In ValdostaCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2009

I try to stay away from the whole Willie Martinez situation. There are plenty of people out there calling for his head, as a contrarian by nature, I tend to defend him if only under my breath.

I will point out that guys were in position to make the tackle against N. Avenue Votech and just didn't get the job done. I have even pointed out the personnel discrepancies from the Van Gorder era. But really, I am just a homer, a Dawg to the core and I don't like talking bad about my people.

Mark Bradley's break down today is bullet proof, at least as far as my ammo goes.  I am rooting for Willie to get it turned around and arrest this trend. I admire Coach Richt and his loyalty to his staff, especially his loyalty to his long time friend.  But this season has to be do or die.

Please read Bradley's piece and give me your opinion. Is this the year Willie turns it around? Is this Willie's last year? Are we stuck with Willie no matter the results?

Hot Button: Is UGA's Martinez a good defensive coordinator? | Mark Bradley
The average score of a Georgia loss in four seasons under VanGorder was 21-12. Not once in any of the 10 losses with BVG as DC did the Bulldogs score 20 points themselves, meaning those defeats were more related to offensive failings. Now look:

The average score of a Georgia loss in four seasons under Martinez has been 32-23. Five times in those 12 losses the Bulldogs have scored 30-plus points, which means the offense has been holding up its end.


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