Michigan Wolverine's Offensive Line: The Key to a 2009 Turnaround?

The WolverineCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2009

Howie Beardsley of the Grand Rapids Press thinks so:

"To catch, pass, and run within the spread, the offensive line must be able to block and protect. Those two skills rarely were seen last season, if for no other reason than a terrible lack of experience."

All indications are that the line will be much improved.

"Position Coach Frey has said, 'This is nowhere close to being the line we had last season, and that's because of the pride they have and the hard work they've put in.'"

We probably agree with this point. While the quarterback is certainly the single most important position on the field offensively, his job becomes that much easier as the line improves. We can recall replays in our heads of just horrific line play last year.

Missed assignments, getting bull rushed, etc. etc.

Yes, our QB play was pretty poor, but it was greatly complicated by poor line play.

In our opinion, a vastly improved offensive line will be good for at least two or three more wins in 2009. Michigan lost several close games in 2009, and a few extra points on the board would have put us over the top.

Then again, so would fewer turnovers, better tackling...you name it.


Any way you look at it, though, everything needs to improve in 2009. But improving our offensive line play is a great start.


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