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JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst IAugust 25, 2009

Friends, you can add a new weekly listening experience to your online repetoire: The Steel Cage w/ Jason Major and yours truly, Patrick Imig. Consider it the newest addition to the JoeSportsFan online radio network. Together the Steel Cage and the JoeSportsFan Show are putting together, arguably, the greatest array of online sports humor radio in the history of online sports humor mankind.

With each weekly installment of the Steel Cage, Major and Imig will integrate the Top 7 list and pretty much anything else we deem necessary. It’s part Top 7 and part steel cage — you know, the place in wrestling where anything and everything goes.

airbudworldpupFor today’s inaugural bash, we touch on the following …

– The Top 7 Sports References in Music list along with reader input and commentary.

– Sports movies with animals. For appropriate education prior to listening, check out Wikipedia’s enticing description of all things sports movies w/animals.

– Revisiting a classic Top 7 from July of 2006 (loose use of the term “classic”) - Worst Athlete Talk Shows

– And because elbows are important and fun to discuss, we give a quick overview of some famous elbows.

– PLUS MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! !!! !!!

Get to clicking and download and listen to the show for free. As always, you can subscribe for free to Itunes and have the Steel Cage and JoeSportsFan Show delivered to your online doorstep.


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