Man Plays 'Iceberg Golf' on Lake Michigan Using a Paddle Board as Golf Cart

Arman Walia@ArmanWalia Featured ColumnistApril 2, 2015


This is a first. 

Seth Haley and Josh Nowicki decided to stray from the norm and do something that has never been done before: golf on Lake Michigan. 

The two buddies spoke with Wilx.com to explain why they played this frigid sport:

Seth and I both spend a lot of time at Lake Michigan and have been talking about various photo and film project we could do with the ice on Lake Michigan. Looking at the shapes of the ice on the lake reminded me of a green on a golf course and I semi-jokingly said that I would like to play golf out there. After some discussion we decided that it was quite possible and I went out to give it a try.

Nowicki used a SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board to get around from iceberg to iceberg, while filmmaker Haley captured the madness. 

I assume they had tons of golf balls with them, because if it was down to me, nine out of 10 shots would end up in the lake. 



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