'Kim Jong-un' Gets Hammered, Makes out with 30-40 Girls at Hong Kong Sevens

Sean Fay@@Sean_FayUK Staff WriterMarch 31, 2015


There ain't no party like a Kim Jong-un party!

Who knew?

A man dressed as the North Korean supreme leader had the time of his life at the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens last weekend, and pictures of his beer-swilling antics went viral. 

How much fun did he have? Well the South China Morning Post managed to track him down and get the full details of his antics. 

The man in question seemed to look back on his day with a mixture of pride and embarrassment because, while he was happy to share his tale, he also refused to give the newspaper his full name, stating only that his name was Jeremy and he "worked in finance in Hong Kong."

He told the newspaper that he was "hammered" by the end of the day and had a sketchy memory of events, but he did recall his highlight. 

Making out with 30, maybe even 40 girls as the Supreme Leader. I don’t know why but girls seem to like the supreme leader... I vaguely remember a guy telling me to kiss his girlfriend.

The newspaper revealed that "Every time they chanted 'Kim! Kim! Kim!' he would finish whatever drink he was holding."

He wasn't the only one who was spotted having fun at the event either. 

Irish rugby legend Brian O'Driscoll was caught crowd surfing at the Sevens, which didn't go unnoticed by his wife, actress Amy Huberman.

You know when your husband is away in Hong Kong on a very important business trip... pic.twitter.com/Vl1r9Movm7

— Amy Huberman (@amyhuberman) March 29, 2015

I better get a giant Toblerone from the duty free

— Amy Huberman (@amyhuberman) March 29, 2015

She did.

He's home. pic.twitter.com/veDLoeFGt2

— Amy Huberman (@amyhuberman) March 30, 2015

As for what happened on the pitch...well, who cares? 

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