Charlie Weis to Lou Holtz: "Are You Insane or Do You Just Hate Me?"

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IAugust 23, 2009

As if there wasn't enough pressure on Charlie Weis to simply have an eight-win season, along comes Lou Holtz to declare that Notre Dame should be in the BCS Bowl Game.

You wonder if Charlie would ask Lou, "Are you insane, or do you just hate me?"

Granted, Notre Dame should return to a bowl game. With games against Nevada, Purdue, Washington, Washington State, Navy, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, and Stanford, there's no way my wife couldn't coach this team to seven out of eight wins against those teams.

But does anyone think they have a serious shot of going undefeated against Michigan, Michigan State, USC, and Boston College?

Apparently not, since the AP pollsters have them at 23 in the preseason polls. Even though they don't know everything, that's about where Alabama was last year before being one game away from playing for a National Championship. Still, it's sure a long shot.

With a schedule this weak, it would take a perfect season to get them into that kind of consideration.

So why would Holtz pick them? Is he simply trying to earn some ink this preseason? Is he trying to put additional pressure on Weis by implying if he doesn't make the title game it couldn't be the talent level?

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Who knows but Dr. Lou.

So, while most are in agreement that Florida will be one-half of the BCS Championship Game equation, no one but Holtz is picking Notre Dame. At least no one with any kind of legitimate clout.

When the two meet this season, if they do, I wonder what the meeting will be like?

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