Thanks to a TV Error, Nik Stauskas Has Assumed the Identity of 'Sauce Castillo'

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMarch 26, 2015

Sacramento Kings guard Nik Stauskas, right, shoots as Los Angeles Lakers center Robert Sacre defends during the second half of an NBA basketball game, Wednesday, April 15, 2015, in Los Angeles. The Kings won 122-99. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)
Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

Closed captioning is a useful and vital facet of the sports broadcast experience.

The transcription service helps the hearing-impaired (and, in many cases, the booze-impaired) who watch games at bars pumping music through speakers in lieu of the broadcast audio.

Of course, it’s not a perfect system, and occasionally the software tasked with deciphering and relaying the sportscasters’ words botches a phrase here and there.

Most of these miscues can be ignored, except in the cases where closed captioning unwittingly gives a player one of the greatest nicknames in modern sports. 

Enter Nik Stauskas, who walked onto the court Wednesday night as a struggling rookie and left it as “Sauce Castillo”—Sacramento sidekick and bench-riding bandolero of the Western Conference.

Andrew Unterberger saw the words "Sauce Castillo" pop up after sportscasters gave the call on a made Stauksas triple in the second quarter.

Andrew Unterberger @AUgetoffmygold

My closed captioning just referred to Nik Stauskas as "Sauce Castillo" and I will never be able to not call him this again

Shera Starr Oliveria @starr_rakh

Sauce Castillo? Sounds like the anti-hero of Robert Rodriguez or Tarantino film! Teatro de Los Reyes! @NStauskas11 http://t.co/XOtRwWh6Ms

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Clearly, this is one of the best nicknames any ballplayer, salsa brand or quick-drawing pony thief could ever hope for.

Update from Thursday, April 2nd

The Kings have announced that their game versus the Utah Jazz on April 5 will be "Sauce Castillo" night!

Sacramento Kings

All fans in attendance will receive a special "Sauce Castillo" giveaway, and there will also be shirts on sale at the team store.

Sacramento Kings

--End of Update--

The fans quickly began churning out spectacular memes in honor of Sauce: 

the good, the brad, and the ugly @therealbradg

#SauceCastillo http://t.co/loo9u7ILPY

Jenman Fong @Jenman27

.@NStauskas11 I already have a vision when the Kings return home on Friday, April 3rd vs the Pelicans. #SauceCastillo http://t.co/G1RwgnVum8

courtney oates @_monkeybrains

@CarmichaelDave Even the Tracy Bear got in on the #SauceCastillo action. http://t.co/kEK5ALoIYd

Just Joshin’ @youjoshinme13

#SauceCastillo http://t.co/4J4Hby1A28

the good, the brad, and the ugly @therealbradg

#SauceCastillo @NStauskas11 http://t.co/wgmNg3HLtU

We've since given him his own trading card:

The Sacramento Kings' Twitter account even got into the act, uploading a Vine of “Sauce Castillo” putting the Phoenix Suns in the six-shooter spin-dry en route to a 13-point performance.

Sacramen2 Kings @SacramentoKings

Sauce Castillo spins and wins! 👌👌 https://t.co/CY54L0aJtQ

Sacramento Kings president and CEO Chris Granger says Sauce Castillo merchandise is in the works.

Chris Granger @chrisgranger313

#SauceCastillo merchandise??? Um....definitely. #SacramentoProud

I, for one, hope all the proceeds go to true men who don't kill coyotes.

It’s difficult to overstate how fine this nickname is. It rolls off the tongue like a whispered, Spaghetti Western threat. If you listen close enough, you can almost hear a rattlesnake quiver in its wake—Sauce…Castillo. 

Stauskas seems to find the name hilarious—which it most certainly is.

Nik Stauskas @NStauskas11

Wait what does "Sauce Castillo" mean? Since when was that my nickname lol!! 😂😂

Wipe “Nik Stauskas” from your memories, people. Nik Stauskas is dead. All that is left is Sauce—breaker of hearts, brigand of the bench and the most wanted desperado this side of Texarkana.

Dan is on Twitter, proliferating the legend of Sauce Castillo.


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