Watch Out for Jerrod Johnson

Jim Cowan@jimicowanCorrespondent IAugust 18, 2009

Announced yesterday, JR QB Jerrod Johnson was named on the Manning Award “watch list.” What does that mean in the broad scheme of things? Not much in reality. But it does show that someone is paying attention, and it could possibly provide just a little bit of motivation and confidence to an offense which struggled at times last year.

A struggling offense which allowed Johnson to set the all-time Aggie passing touchdown record (21). While Johnson's job is not 100 percent secure just yet, I don't think he'll lose the job. Furthermore, Tannehill + Fuller = more than formidable, bordering on a bad-ass receiving duo.

I will say this...watch out for this offense this season. Not because they're going to wow anyone with numbers and they probably will not produce any Heisman candidates, but for a team that only won four last season, they are unknown and will be overlooked.

I believe, depending on O-line development, Johnson has the potential to be a serious threat. He's 6'5”-243; that is no joke! He is a pocket passer with good fundamentals and a hell of an arm. Fuller and Tennehill are nearly identical [in size] at 6'4”-215/216 respectively. Cyrus Gray should fill the Goodson void with no problems.

Watch for Fr RB Christine Michael to emerge at some point this season as well.

Other teams have gotten used to the old Francione offenses which relied on grinding out boring yards which hopefully amounted to 10.5 yards in 3 or 4 plays. Sherman should be able to open it up a bit with a few more of his guys on the roster and one more year of exposure to his system.

Again, I'm not going to predict wins and losses, but I do expect significant improvement, improvement which will hopefully go under the radar for much of the season.

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