We Remember: 30th Anniversary of Bobby Knight Throwing Chair During Game

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistFebruary 23, 2015

Anonymous/Associated Press

On Feb. 23, 1985, Indiana coach Bobby Knight had an ejection for the ages.

Less than five minutes into Indiana's game against Purdue, the Hoosiers were already falling behind on the scoreboard and were frequently getting called for fouls. That combination pushed Knight over the edge.

Knight's legendary tirade began after referees whistled Indiana forward Daryl Thomas for his second foul of the game. The Hoosiers coach chewed out an official on the sideline, which eventually resulted in a technical foul.

That was just the start of things to come.

Knight continued to give the referee a piece of his mind, and then it happened. The furious coach picked up a chair from the bench and flung it onto the court, earning himself a second technical. "Bobby" chants rained down from the Assembly Hall crowd.

By the end of the tirade, Knight had picked up three technicals and was ejected from the game.