Turkish Football Fan Tries to Sneak 24 Beers into a Match, Fails

Sean Fay@@Sean_FayUK Staff WriterFebruary 14, 2015


Beers at football stadiums can be expensive; in England, you are not even allowed to have a view of the pitch while drinking one. 

So while we, of course, would never condone it, we can see the logic in trying to sneak a few into a football match. 

But 24 beers? Good luck with that. 

One fan in Turkey tried to pull off the impossible mission, but unsurprisingly, he came up short. 

As per Eurosport

The unnamed fan was supporting Izmir-based outfit Göztepe when he tried to sneak his way into the game with 24 beers hidden inside his massive jacket, while the rest were strapped to a body armour vest.

Several of his fellow fans tried to stop him from entering the stadium to avoid the embarrassment that followed.

D'oh! Well we hope the stewards put those beers to good use.

[YouTube, h/t Eurosport]


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