Pac 10 Negotiating With The Alamo Bowl

David HedlindAnalyst IIAugust 14, 2009

As has been reported by a number of sources, including, I believe first by the Seattle Times, the Pac 10 is in talks and apparently close to making a deal with the Alamo Bowl.

In the deal, second best team in the Pac 10 would go to the San Antonio, Texas bowl game. If this is the case, that would move each bowl down in succession.

The Holiday Bowl would then have the third selection of Pac 10 teams.

The Sun Bowl would then have the fourth selection of Pac 10 teams.

The Las Vegas and Emerald, who now alternate the fourth and fifth, would move to a fifth and sixth team rotation.

The Poinsettia Bowl would have the final selection of Pac 10 teams at seventh. Should there even be that many eligible teams.

Recently, due to the lack of bowl eligible teams by the Pac 10, the Hawaii Bowl pulled out of their agreement with the Pac 10 and signed a deal with the Conference USA.

The Pac 10 has a history with the Alamo Bowl having played in the first two in 1993 and 1994.

The first was a 37-3 rout by Cal over Iowa.

The following year was a Washington State 10-3 win over Baylor, which was the last time Baylor has made a bowl.

Currently the Alamo has a deal with the Big 10 and Big XII. The Pac 10 deal would be to replace the Big 10.

The Alamo Bowl is played on the second day in January. In terms of prestige, this would move the Pac 10 bowl deals up a notch. While the Alamo isn’t a long storied bowl, the January date puts it among coveted bowl destinations.

The impact of this move is yet to be seen since a number of other bows will be renegotiating with some picking up new partners as many current bowl and conference affiliation contracts are nearing their end.

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