Skittles Super Bowl Commercial 2015: Watch 'Settle It' Ad

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IFebruary 2, 2015

Although Skittles could probably sit back and let Marshawn Lynch handle its entire marketing campaign, the candy company has decided to make its foray into the Super Bowl commercial game.    

Skittles decided to show how fans of the candy can settle the debate over which flavor is the best of them all. 

"It's all about entertaining the viewers and the Skittles fans, and doing that in a humorous way," said Matt Montei, senior marketing director at Wrigley, which owns the Skittles brand, via the Chicago Tribune's Robert Channick. 

Skittles hasn't been afraid to go with over-the-top absurdity in pursuit of that humor. A commercial from last year featured a pet cloud that rained Skittles, and this year's Super Bowl ad has a bunch of Popeye-esque townspeople being called to battle.

No matter how it's received, interest is definitely piqued. And thus, the Skittles marketing team has done its job.