Pitt's New Uniforms Are...Awful

Paul SieversAnalyst IAugust 11, 2009

When the Pitt Panthers take the field against Youngstown State on September 5th, they will be wearing this Nike design that looks like they were stolen from the Georgia Tech locker room.

I personally hate them. Some Pitt fans like the fact that the new unis don't say Pitt on the front, I like jerseys that have the team name on the front.

Before we get into a debate over the aesthetics, let's not kid ourselves here. The point of a new uniform isn't for our players to wear them, it's for fans to buy them. Fans like myself.

I'm 24 years old which gives me about three more years before I'm officially too old to buy a jersey. I have a little bit of disposable income and I'm a die-hard Pitt fan. Nike and the Pitt athletic department should be brainstorming over how to get the Pablo's of the world to buy a Pitt football jersey.

Now if I want Pablo to buy a Pitt jersey, why make it look strikingly similar to something Notre Dame, Georgia Tech or Navy might wear? Do you think Pablo wants to be hanging out with his friends in his Jonathan Baldwin jersey only to have five different people ask him "what team is that?", is that a question Pablo is going to enjoy answering over and over again?

No! Pablo wants people to know that he's wearing a Pitt jersey.

Also, does the athletic department not realize that this will now be Pitt's fourth different uniform in five seasons? Is Pablo really supposed to rush out to Dicks and drop $70 on this generic piece of garbage knowing full well that his team could be wearing something completely different in two seasons?

Sorry, it's not happening. Pablo is going to continue to rock this bad boy instead.

The uniform is a minor detail but if Pitt football wants to be taken seriously the way Penn State and Ohio State are then it's time to start establishing tradition. This means establishing an identity and sticking with it.

Just show us you can go five years with out changing the uniform or the logo or the song at the end of the 3rd quarter. Just give us an identity to grasp on to then go out there and win some football games, everything else will take care of itself.

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