Falcons Finish Season 6-10, Fan Pays Up on Bet by Eating His Hat

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 3, 2015

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Not only did the Atlanta Falcons enter Week 17 of the 2014 season just one win away from winning the NFC South, but they also entered the final week one win away from helping a fan avoid having to pay up on a bet.

Back in July, one Falcons fan believed the thought of his team going 6-10 was so crazy that he said that he would eat his hat if it happened:

Solomon, II @SonofSolomon_

If The Falcons go 6-10, I will eat an Atlanta Falcons fitted on UStream. Favorite this.

When Week 17 came along, Atlanta was sitting at 6-9. The Falcons hosted the Carolina Panthers in a de facto NFC South Championship Game, with a win sending Atlanta to the playoffs and a loss ending its season.

Well, there wasn't much drama in the game. The Panthers jumped out to a big lead early and never looked back on their way to a 34-3 victory.

True to his word, the fan made plans to eat his hat live on his webcam: 

Solomon, II @SonofSolomon_

As promised, it will be an Atlanta Falcons fitted. Not a cake. An actual fitted.

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Solomon, II @SonofSolomon_

I will Ustream it. Setting it up now. So, set the date. Friday 1/2/15. Y'all meet me here and it's going down.

The Falcons fan did indeed pay up on his wager on Friday. Warning: Video contains NSFW language.

For those who are skeptical, the fan wants everyone to know that he really did eat his hat:

Solomon, II @SonofSolomon_

There's the video. I didn't spit out anything

He also seemed to have learned his lesson:

Solomon, II @SonofSolomon_

Word kept. Never placing wagers, outside of money, on sports again.

Solomon, II @SonofSolomon_

When I compose that tweet, in July, I thought it was impossible for my @Atlanta_Falcons to go 6-10. They did.

Hopefully other fans learn from this fan and don't make wagers that could end badly.

[YouTube, h/t USA Today's FTW]

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