WWE Missed Opportunities: Why Doesn't Titus O'Neil Have a Bigger Role?

Travis Wakeman@@traviswakeman10Featured Columnist IVDecember 20, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

If you watched the second season of WWE NXT, you probably asked what WWE ever saw in Titus O'Neil to ever sign him to a contract. He was nothing short of horrible on that show.

But O'Neil returned for NXT Redemption, and it appeared he had made strides to improve since the last time he was on television.

After proving himself on that show, O'Neil was called up to the main roster along with Darren Young in a somewhat surprising move. The two made up a tag team known as the Prime Time Players.

Together, O'Neil and Young had plenty of success in the tag team division, becoming very entertaining in the process. However, they never earned a reign as tag team champions, and in late January 2014, WWE made the move to pull the plug on the team.

It appeared initially that O'Neil would benefit the most from a singles push, but that hasn't really happened. O'Neil was able to defeat Young in a singles match at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view in February.

That should have been the launching pad for a big singles push, but O'Neil just went into a nearly immediate slump, losing frequently to guys like Sheamus and Big Show.

Apparently, WWE didn't see him as someone who was ready to be at that level at the time, but there's no reason to believe he can't get there.

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With a background as a football player, O'Neil is a physical specimen. At 6'9" and 280 pounds, he's one of the strongest men on the roster.

But he also has plenty of charisma to go with those other attributes.

He has shown a great character when given the chance, whether as a guest commentator or in the role he played for one night as Rufus "Pancake" Patterson. He was hilarious.

O'Neil has a special combination of skills that are cut out for the world of sports entertainment. It's up to the WWE to capitalize on that.

Since the middle of the summer, O'Neil is back in the tag team ranks, teaming up with Heath Slater. Collectively, they have become known as Slater Gator.

But they're not a great team, and it just reeks of WWE not having anything to do with either of these Superstars. Instead, O'Neil should be put in a bigger role and used more often, before it's too late.

If WWE chose to use him as a face, it could have him start to pick up victories on shows like Main Event and SmackDown before going into a feud with someone like Cesaro. That would be a great test for O'Neil to show what he can do.

As a heel, WWE could use him to provide the muscle for a guy like Curtis Axel, the same way Diesel did for Shawn Michaels. That would be a way to get both of those men back on the map.

Titus O'Neil is the Most Misused Talent in the WWE: As far as I'm concerned, Titus has the looks, the physique... http://t.co/UPBi4BoLHY

— Dan Sabga (@attucus) December 9, 2014

But what if O'Neil became an adversary for the recently formed group The New Day? O'Neil seems like he'd be a great fit for that group—perhaps he could go after it for shunning him.

There are plenty of places where O'Neil could be an effective piece of the roster. Being placed in a tag team with Slater isn't one of them.

Hopefully, WWE will recognize this before it's too late for the 37-year-old.