Can Alabama Defend The "Spread" Offense In '09?

Scott TuttleContributor IAugust 3, 2009

Alabama's 09 defense will be one of the BEST Defenses in the nation this year. The Tide is returning LB Rolando McClain, DE Brandon Deaderick, LB Dont’a Hightower, CB Javier Arenas, CB Kareem Jackson, NG Cody, DT Chapman and the list goes on..

The million dollar question is this, can the Tide's defense stop the "spread" this year? As everyone knows Florida & Utah destroyed our defense last year and they made it look fairly easy.

"The spread attacks with shotgun formation and no-huddle, the primary aim isn’t to extended the offense across the field, but the defense. Usually each defensive player in the front seven is responsible for a certain area, or gap, which becomes more difficult should the opposition line up multiple players wide, up to five, or even have wider splits than usual between linemen.

So by extending the field horizontally, which can be done a variety of ways, the offense opens vertical seams to exploit." (Source - TideSports.com)

In the SEC this year Auburn, Florida, Arkansas and Mississippi State will be running "spread" offenses. Ole Miss will run the "wild cat" formation this year and it too is a version of a spread offense. The Tide will be faced with defending it allot this year.

So, can the Tide's "D" stop the "spread" this year?



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