Baylor Bears: The Most Over-Hyped 4-8 Team

Mark SmithContributor IAugust 3, 2009

I told myself I would not use this forum as a place to rant, and to show some legitimate objectivity when it came to discussing my rivals. I try my best to find positive things to say about every program in the Big XII. This includes my least favorite team, the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

But recently I have grown quite ill by all the hype the Baylor Bears seemed to have garnered. There are countless 4-8 teams out there with upsides equal to that of Baylor’s. What the media seem to be forgetting is that at the end of last season, Baylor was still only 4-8.

Sure, they have sophomore stud Robert Griffin. Sure, Art Briles seems to be recruiting some top talent. However, one stud player and a somewhat more talented recruiting class does not translate into wins on the field. Baylor only has to look as far as their most hated rival Texas A&M to realize that fact.

Last year we saw a team that was a little more competitive and with a new attitude—something we are not use to seeing from the Bears. They gained a little confidence each week as the majority of teams overlooked them (see Texas Tech, Nebraska, and Missouri). 

I got news for the Baylor faithful. Do not expect anyone to overlook you this year. You will get each and every team’s best from now on. If you manage to go 7-5 and a bowl, I will eat crow and join the hype. But I expect your team to only be one game better this upcoming season than you were last year.  Enjoy the hype now, because as of November 29th, you will be back in Waco in the same position you have been in for 15 years. Bowl-less.

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