Weis Has Accepted McMakin's Apology, So Should Irish Fans

Erin McLaughlinSenior Analyst IIAugust 1, 2009

On Friday, Hawaii Coach Greg McMackin called Charlie Weis and apologized. Weis later stated that the program was offended by the comments and that McMackin used poor judgement in making them. Weis did say that he accepted his apology and the team will move on.

My suggestion to Irish fans is that we do the same. Training camp is about two weeks away and that is what the Notre Dame community should be focusing on. 2009 is a huge season for the Irish, and this should not be a distraction.

Another reason to put this whole incident behind us is the response that the University of Hawaii has taken. They have suspended him 30 days without pay. He does have the option of working with the team on a voluntary basis during that time. That means that he can work and not get a pay check. From what I understand, he will.

The University has taken $169,000 back from his salary. At some schools, that may not seem like much. At a smaller school though, it is. There is also still the possibility that the WAC could give more punishment.

Therefore, there is no reason for Notre Dame to hold any grudges. He made a terrible mistake and is paying the price for it.

On a personal note, it was a little tough for me to take. I am a lifelong Notre Dame fan. However, I have met Greg McMackin when he came to Maui. I like him and would have no issue sending my kid to play for him. That made it very disappointing for me to hear that he made the comment.

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However, now he has done the crime and will do the time. I can put it behind me and I hope all other Irish fans can do the same.


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