Nationals First Baseman Adam LaRoche Bags Monster Rocky Mountain Elk

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterNovember 5, 2014


They’re going to need a bigger truck. 

Free-agent first baseman Adam LaRoche spends most of his offseason looking like Brody from Homeland and hunting game, and by all appearances, he recently bagged one of the biggest cloven hoof animals in North America. 

LaRoche tweeted a picture Wednesday of himself and his downed quarry: a gigantic, 12-point Rocky Mountain elk. 

Adam LaRoche @e3laroche

Thank you Lord for the Rocky Mountain Elk! #BuckCommander http://t.co/GFJdiJhvuk

That is a large animal. The rack alone probably can’t fit through your average door frame. 

The official Instagram account for Buck Commander, which LaRoche co-founded, uploaded the same picture. The post claims the first baseman bagged the elk in the woods of Wyoming.

“Adam LaRoche is on the board with a GIANT bull taken in the back country of WY! Congrats brother!” reads the caption.

LaRoche told HuntingIllustrated.com (h/t For The Win’s Ted Berg) in 2013 that his go-to weapon for hunting is the bow. Clearly, he needed a weapon with a mite more stopping power in this case.

Enjoy getting that kill out of the woods, LaRoche. Dinner always tastes better when you have to haul about 700 pounds of it down a narrow trail to the truck.

I'd suggest a vehicle with heavy suspension and technology and stuff.


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