An Ode to Hockey Moms

Jennifer ConwaySenior Analyst IMay 11, 2008

For those of you who had one:

For all the years she got up at 4 AM. or sacrificed her evenings to take you to practice without complaint;

For all the years she cleverly tightened the family budget without anyone noticing, so you could play;

For all the years she attended every game humanly possible and remembered every moment you were on the ice;

Be sure to call her and say thanks for all her hard work.

And if you aren’t sure you know or had a true hockey mom...

Top 10 Ways to Spot a Hockey Mom

10. She thinks anything televised would be a lot more interesting if checking were allowed.

9. She owns a cat named Zamboni or Gretzky.

8. She's trying to figure out how to introduce her daughter to Sidney Crosby.

7. She's found a way to work broken $200 hockey sticks into her home décor and/or sellable art.

6., She says she's sending her kids to the penalty box instead of putting them in time-outs.

5. She buys Car Jar air fresheners by the case and knows every way possible of getting bloodstains out.

4. In the back of her van, she carries a fleece blanket and a winter coat — in August.

3. She has the numbers of the dentist and orthodontist on speed dial, and the emergency room nurses know her on a first-name basis.

2. She knows where you can buy the best coffee and rolls at 4:30 AM. She also knows where to get skates sharpened at that hour.

1. The bruise on her hand comes from banging on the glass along the boards.