Zack Wheeler Is Ready To Knock The Wow Out Of The Gints

jaime sizemoreContributor IJuly 25, 2009

I have known Zack ever since he was 14. He has always been a great baseball player. I remimber when all he would do was ride his moungoose scooter and picth balls to his brothers Jakob and Adam. When he got ranked for Sanfrincogints his parents Beary and Aline where amazed. Every body his culdesac where exited for him. His parents wanted him to get raked for the Atlanta Braves so he could live closer to his parents house. His parents and brothers where still proud. zack can pitch 96 mph but you would not know it until you watch him.zack is hoping not to throw out his arm like his brother Adam did. Zack will be in baseball as long as he can. I bet that  he will stay great baseball player like he all ways has. 


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