Vote for the SEC's Running Back U Since 2000

Adam SCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2009

See Part One if you haven't yet.

Some of you may know that I am trying to find the current Running Back U. I'm not looking for anything that happened before 2000 because, let's face it, that's irrelevant to today (not to mention the incredibly huge amount of time it would take to go through 100+ years of statistics for every team).

I'm looking for the team of this millennium that uses and produces the greatest Running Backs.

In Part One, I took the three teams in the nation who claim to be the official "Running Back U." Auburn, USC, and Miami. Auburn is the winner of this millennium. Now I want to go through the entire nation. I want to find the best running team of every Division 1-A conference, then put them all head to head. Since Auburn won, I'm starting with the SEC.

Vote for the team in the SEC who you think has run the most yards(not counting QB) and produced the most NFL running backs. Then come back Friday and see if you were right. 

Please try to think for yourself. Don't just vote for your favorite team. Try to think a little.

Either vote by leaving a comment, or vote in the poll here.

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Please be aware that the results of this poll will have almost no effect on the outcome produced by the statistics. The only difference they can make, is if there ends up being a tie. Then the poll results will be the tie breaker.


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