Lance Stephenson Releases Music Video for 'Hot N***a' Track

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterSeptember 22, 2014


Lance Stephenson dropped a rap remix titled “Hot N***a” in August.

It wasn’t the best of raps; it wasn’t the worst of raps. Rather, outside of the gratuitous mewling of the hip hop horn, Stephenson’s freestyle song came off as one of history’s more competent attempts by an NBA player to enter the rap game.

Fittingly enough, he’s followed up the song with an equally not-terrible music video.

FanSided’s Jared Wade spotted the video, which appears more or less like the product of solid camera work and production. Stephenson drives around in his Rolls Royce Wraith, pops some bottles with his entourage and otherwise does all the requisite things for a proper rap music video. 

Warning: Video contains some NSFW content.

Of course, there’s also the balling, with the newly minted Charlotte Hornets guard dunking and dropping daggers at pickup games. 

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My only problem is with Stephenson’s chronology.

In one verse he claims “I been ballin’ hard since like the 5th grade,” which seems late. I started balling when I could simultaneously hold things and stand for seconds at time. I wasn’t the best player (never even a little bit), but I started playing basketball around five or six—roughly the same time as other neighborhood kids did.

Even if his claim is true, Stephenson could’ve rounded it down to five years old. No one’s really keeping count. We’ll believe it. 

Regardless, Stephenson looks like he's taking his blossoming hip hop career seriously, and we eagerly await his inevitable LeBron James diss track. Get excited for that, Michael Jordan.

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