LeBron James Is Robbed in NBA MVP Voting

Martin WhaleyContributor IMay 7, 2008

Nobody is questioning if Kobe was deserving of the recent MVP award. Kobe has been a fantastic player for years, and was almost always deserving of the MVP.

The only question becomes, did LeBron deserve to get fourth place in the voting?

No.  LeBron once again had an amazing year. 

The Cavs have struggled with injuries all season, and they couldn't get Anderson signed in a timely manner.  Anyone remember when LeBron won a game with a D-League cast? On top of that, LeBron had to adjust to his new teammates after the trade deadline.

But, despite all that—LeBron carried his team to the playoffs.

Here's an interesting fact: There was only one person who gave him a first place vote!


I'm not suggesting to take the MVP from Kobe, but I am saying there was a lot of voters who really overlooked LeBron's ability.

Last point—I am beginning to rethink the true meaning of MVP. Is it Most Valuable Player or Most Valuable Team?

Yes, team success is important, but I'm beginning to think there is too much emphasis on the team in an individual award. However, I'm not saying give the MVP to a guy whose team did not make the playoffs.

LeBron James was better in the stat book than any other candidate.

30 PPG, 7 REB, 7 AST, 1 BLK, 1 STLPER game. Nobody will argue that they are not MVP numbers, at least I hope.

Fourth place? Really, what's up with that? 


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