Legends League Player Punches Coach in Post-Game Brawl

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterAugust 27, 2014


The Legends Football League is an absolute den of violence and depravity. It's also probably the most intense sports league going, professional or otherwise.

Like an XFL with less clothing, the LFL makes its name by blurring the lines between staged WWE gimmicks and actual, scary violence.

It's hard to tell what's real and what's not at times, but a recent fracas between the Jacksonville Breeze and the Atlanta Steam appeared to bubble over into serious brutality.

The two teams lined up for postgame handshake after the Eastern Conference Championship game, and a helmet-swinging, coach-punching melee erupted.

Warning: Video contains NSFW language. 

Let's tally the violence, shall we? 

For starters, a Jacksonville Breeze player smacked an Atlanta Steam player on the head with a helmet. This is assault. 

Another Jacksonville player punched one of the Steam's coaches in the face. Also assault.

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For all the chatter of the supposed staging of these fights, it's difficult to think the LFL would sanction a helmet swing.

Commissioner Roger Goodell would need a leaf blower to dole out all the fines and pink slips incurred if such a thing happened in the NFL. Someone would probably catch prison time for this.

Then again, this is not your dad's football league. This is the LFL, where punting isn't even an option yet. 

So if you're going to the Legends Cup on September 6 (and why would you not?), watch your step and bring a Gallagher-style plastic tarp. It'll shield you from the arterial spray.

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