20 Athlete Social Media Fashion Fails

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterAugust 27, 2014

20 Athlete Social Media Fashion Fails

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    The moment social media evolved from a 21st century Internet curiosity to a primary form of communication with friends, family, coworkers...and total strangers, apps like Twitter and Instagram have proved that more of us isn't necessarily better.

    If anything, they've shown that if given the opportunity, anyone—rich, poor, famous or toiling in obscurity—is capable of transmitting truly cringe-worthy words and images.  

    In essence, social media has democratized buffoonery, which explains why athletes who otherwise would be relatively inoculated from scrutiny in their dome of celebrity, are perfect examples of both the perks and perils. 

    And when it comes to social media crimes, few things have suffered as much wanton and egregious abuse than fashion—often with awesome and hilarious results.

    Put a de facto digital camera in the pocket of millions of Americans, including athletes, and give them the ability to upload pics to apps like Facebook from almost anywhere, and what was once a misguided choice of pants among friends is now a viral hit landing in inboxes across the world.

    These are 20 athlete social media fashion fails.

Von Miller, Denver Broncos

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    Instagram ID: millerlite40

    Caption: #snooplion cleats! Too clean @adidasfballus thanks!

    Broncos linebacker Von Miller's Instagram page is filled with fashion fails (like this and this)—although that lion ensemble definitely stands out even if he's not actually wearing it. Miller missed a fair bit of action in 2013, which probably gave him too much free time to shop. Let's hope he stays healthy this season. 

Nick Young, Los Angeles Lakers

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    Instagram ID: swaggyp1

    Caption: Game day fit .... #ManOnTheMoon lol

    Lakers forward Nick Young has plenty of personality and a sense of style all his own. Most of the time, it works for him, but this outfit looks like it was lifted from the closet of a retiree in Del Boca Vista, Phase III. 

Jose Canseco, Retired MLB

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    Instagram ID: 33josecanseco

    Caption: NBA event @modelleilaknight

    It seems retired major league slugger and noted steroids enthusiast Jose Canseco's idea of formal attire includes an Ed Hardy T-shirt. Because of course it does. At least he tried to get dressed up, though—his lady friend just threw on her sexy referee Halloween costume and called it a day. 

Pierre Thomas, New Orleans Saints

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    Instagram ID: pierre_thomas

    Caption: @lancemoore16 hey light skin, you see the shirt....get like me, ha

    Saints running back Pierre Thomas may have the goods, but when you have the goods, it’s best to let the goods speak for themselves. That shirt has got to go. 

DeJuan Blair, Washington Wizards

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    Instagram ID: dejuan45

    Caption: In the hood at the YOWN Video Shoot PDotO!!!

    Wizards center DeJuan Blair looks pretty confident and pleased with himself in that photo, which is pretty impressive for a guy wearing such a snug denim outfit. He tried to dress it up with a massive gold medallion and diamond watch, but neither can distract from that sea of denim.

Tavares Gooden, NFL Free Agent

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    Instagram ID: vernondavis85

    Caption: Fashion Friday with T Good starts today!

    Linebacker Tavares Gooden obviously tried to bring it for Fashion Friday, but that snug graphic tee doesn't turn heads in a good way.

LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

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    Instagram ID: kingjames

    Caption: Straight flexing with my homies lastnight! Who want it with us #RWTW #StriveForGreatness

    Cavaliers superstar LeBron James normally keeps it classy and cool when it comes to fashion but has also been known to take a few risks. Wearing a Pharrell hat is a risk that never pays off unless you're Pharrell. James looks so silly in that hat that it looks like the heads on the wall behind him are actually judging him.

Tyrann Mathieu, Arizona Cardinals

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    Instagram ID: devine_mathieu

    Caption: 88G. #ChristopherKane #ALLRED #RobinDenim

    You can tell Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu spent a lot of time and way too much money to look that ridiculous. Nothing on its own is that over the top, but all put together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Glen “Big Baby” Davis, Los Angeles Clippers

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    Instagram ID: ayobaby11

    Caption: ayo baby

    Clippers forward Glen Davis looks like an extra in that '80s Mark Harmon classic, Summer School. He'd certainly be at home in that sea of board shorts and day-glow fashion accessories. 

Adam "Pacman" Jones, Cincinnati Bengals

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    Instagram ID: realpacman24

    Caption: Lol love me some me !!!!

    Bengals cornerback Pacman Jones is obviously channeling his inner Terrell Owens here. Honestly, he's pulling off that white and gold ensemble as much as one can, but it's just too much. Too much white, too much gold, too much...everything. 

Floyd Mayweather, Boxer

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    Instagram ID: floydmayweather

    Caption: MR. MY LIFE IS THE S--T

    We all know boxer Floyd Mayweather makes a lot of money—like he'd ever let us forget it for a second—which is lucky for him because it takes a lot of money to look this ridiculous. 

Sean Weatherspoon, Atlanta Falcons

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    Instagram ID: spoonjones56

    Caption: In the middle of it all #Jones #miz

    Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon's goofy tiger shirt and matching kicks make more sense on the campus of his alma mater, the University of Missouri, than they would in the real world. Though not enough sense to completely overlook how silly he looks. 

Rudy Gay, Sacramento Kings

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    Instagram ID: husky4lyfe8

    Caption: [No caption]

    For some reason, athletes have really embraced decoratively spiked shoes. I've actually gotten used to the loafer variety of these by now, but it's just too much on sneakers. Kings forward Rudy Gay looks like he's trying way too hard with these things. 

Anthony "Boobie" Dixon, Buffalo Bills

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    Instagram ID: boobiedixon

    Caption: #AllGoldEverythang .......Don't Believe me Just Watch

    Bills running back Boobie Dixon is one of countless athletes who have inexplicably embraced leopard print. It doesn't look good on middle-aged women desperate for attention, and it doesn't look good on men...ever. Dixon's overalls aren't much of an improvement, either. 

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Instagram ID: russwest44

    Caption: Teenchoice special!!! #whynot #donthateonthebrodie #ayeeeeee

    I will concede that Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook exists on another fashion planet than the rest of us—he clearly puts a lot of time, money and effort into crafting his look. That being said, to the naked eye of your average fashion layman, Westbrook usually looks a little nuts.

Torrey Smith, Baltimore Ravens

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    Instagram ID: torreysmithwr

    Caption: Kicks of the Day #basicpicoftheday

    Seeing an athlete like Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith wearing Crocs (or even just traveling with them) is like a kid seeing the mall Santa taking the garbage out without his beard—it ruins the magic.

Serena Williams, Tennis

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    Instagram ID: serenawilliams 

    Caption: [No caption]

    Tennis great Serena Williams is known for being bold with her fashion choices. Sometimes, she knocks it out of the park while other times, she wears a long-sleeve leopard leotard to the beach as a bathing suit. Williams has the body to pull off that cut, but it doesn't change the fact that it's just not beachwear. 

Reggie Bush, Detroit Lions

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    Instagram ID: reggiebush

    Caption: I could wear these everyday!

    A lawsuit recently revealed those hideous toe shoes are absolutely useless and that all the claims made by the makers were false, which means Lions running back Reggie Bush is wearing those things strictly for fashion reasons. 

Ben McLemore, Sacramento Kings

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    Instagram ID: youngsav23

    Caption: Shout to @creativetactics for piece.

    Kings shooting guard Ben McLemore and his jewelry guy probably had the best intentions when they dreamed up this golden Jesus medallion encrusted in diamonds. Unfortunately, there are much better ways to display one's faith and honor one's God. What would Jesus do? Not this. 

Jeremy Ross, Detroit Lions

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    Instagram ID: j_ross_10

    Caption: Posted at the Telly in my Onesie #BigKid

    Lions wide receiver Jeremy Ross is just one of many athletes who have embraced the adult onesie trend. And just to be clear, it's a bad trend—a very bad trend. There's just something unsettling about adults dressing like babies.