Modern-Day Einstein Smashes Flaming Golf Ball, Sets Pants on Fire

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterAugust 22, 2014

Jo Floyd/Vine

If burning your pants is cool, this man is Miles Davis.

It's unclear exactly what "Jo Floyd" thought was going to happen when he teed off on a flaming golf ball last December.

He probably thought it was going to be awesome, which it was, if you consider catching yourself on fire a scintillating thing to do.

In any case, this Vine recently came to my attention thanks to Golf Channel's Jason Crook. It shows a man in a camouflage jacket swinging away at a golf ball packed with incendiary agents.

Never do this. Not even a little bit.

As you can see, whatever this brain trust slathered onto the ball was highly flammable and attracted to whitewashed jeans.

Even more ridiculous than this man's willingness to hit the ball was his unwillingness to stop, drop and roll. He gives his groin a few slaps and yep, he's good to go. I'm confident the seat of his pants continued to burn after the Vine video ended.

Don't play with fire, kids. Never do it for the Vine.


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