While We're in the Bleachers, They're in the Front Row... | Leroy Watson

GrahamSenior Analyst IJuly 13, 2009

With some of the best scribes on this site conjuring up series after series to discuss and praise fellow Bleacher Creatures/Bleacher Report issues (Saraswathi Sirigina's "The Best from the Bleachers," Taylor Rummel's and Sulayman Hussein's "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the B/R Galaxy," Leroy Watson's "Shining a Light on Under-Appreciated Writers.") I saw it as the perfect opportunity to start a series I have been putting together for some time now.

I look at B/R's greatest members and give my thoughts on their writing style and how valuable they are to this great Web site. For the first course: Leroy Watson. Enjoy it, punks.

Oh, and don't vote it POTD. Please. The reason should be pretty obvious.

See that man up there ladies and gentlemen? That fine fellow is Leroy Watson, one of Bleacher Report's most honored users out of all those that have registered since its inception in 2007.

Leroy, in just eight months here, has amassed 266 fans, which is no surprise due to his never-ending kindness and unbelievable patience with the new guys and veterans.

LW is an exceptional mentor. His passion for younger, promising composers is inspiring. He enjoys soaking in every little snippet of advice he can, only to then pass it on to his admirers and followers.

He takes troubling situations by the horns and straightens them out with his fiery drive and relentless attitude. He encourages others to grow throughout their time here on B/R. He recognizes his own talent in a humble way, but he also has that aura which glows in a way of saying "You want to be better than me," like the LeBron James commercial.

He takes more pleasure in reading and passing along other articles than his own! Shockingly, Leroy seems to take more pride in the other POTDs awarded than any of the 15 he won.

He leads a powerful army on the Internet against commenting trolls, those who choose to disparage and look down upon fellow sports authors. He never lets his guard down, always making sure to protect his fellow journalists on the Internet, by taking each insult directed toward another writer as if it were to him.

Leroy is possibly one of B/R's most powerful influences. On countless boards I see "Like Leroy Watson..." or "My favorite writer is Leroy Watson because..."

Leroy never ceases to succeed. He always puts forth his best efforts in preaching the values of the basics of literature, as well as walking them through it as if he had no other worry in the world. As if his purpose and job here was to help those in need of it.

Leroy is possibly one of the best artists I have ever read, seen, or heard about. The way he can paint a phrase or gloss over a paragraph makes you sit back and think. Leroy has an amazing gift with words. He has one of the largest and most interesting vocabularies that has ever been presented to me. In fact, whenever I read an article of Leroy's, I always have Thesaurus.com open in another tab.

He can design a sentence in ways that would arch your eyebrows. Watson has the ability to shock you because of the way he built his article. He pours his heart, soul, and mind into every click of the keyboard, so the result of every single one of his spectacular pieces is something none of us has ever seen before. He can write articles involving humor, drama, intensity, and any other feeling that comes about in everyday life.

He has a way of putting you on the edge of your seat waiting for the last two sentences of the article, but, 30 seconds later, you're rolling on the floor laughing. He forces you to turn the page, not because he himself makes you, but because his pieces are too overpowering to resist (literally...that's happened at points).

He can publish stories about any sport. He is beyond knowledgeable of any competitive game. Although he follows baseball with a closer eye, I wouldn't be surprised if he knew more about basketball, my favorite sport, than I! He can uphold a conversation about tennis, but is still on his heels and ready for a quick change in subject to debate wrestling or NASCAR.

Mr. Watson's magnificent writing ability not only shimmers in articles of his own, but others too. Many POTDs have been won with the aid of Leroy, including Rocky Getters' "July Fourth Special: How Sports Have Kept the American Spirit Alive."

He takes pride in his family. LW gets emotional in articles talking about his wife, about his mother, about his sister, and about the neighborhood in which he grew up. Watson's pieces are not just heartwarming and stirring. I'm sure the females reading his stories, line-by-line, have cried before. I'm sure some males on here have bitten their lips as if not to "embarrass themselves" by getting too soft (ugh, fine...me too).

Leroy Watson is a role model we should all look up to.

He makes Bleacher Report what it is today.

He helps others leap forward everyday.

But even with his gracious help, he's still and will always be far ahead.

Because while we're in the bleachers, he's in the front row.