Dallas QB Tony Romo Calls Giant RB Brandon Jacobs A Poopyhead (Satire)

Jim CantrellSenior Analyst IJuly 12, 2009

Just days after New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs told an interviewer that Tony Romo was "not that good" and that "he's not that effective," the Cowboy signal caller retaliated by referring to Jacobs as a "poopyhead" and a "big fat underwear breath" on Romo's Facebook page.

"It's not just me saying it, either," said Romo in follow up comments on his bi-weekly blog. "Everybody in the NFL knows it."

When alerted to the comments while at a Slip-n-Slide party with some of his friends, Jacobs tweeted his fan base that Romo was a "smelly arm-pit" and that the Dallas captain could "go eat worms with the girls" for all Jacobs cared. 

Romo, who in turn found out about his rivals' responses through a phone call from his girlfriend Jessica, sent a text message to his whole circle that stated "BJ 182 GTH."

The incident almost reached climactic proportions when friends of Jacobs ran into friends of Romo at a White Castle Restaurant and told them that Jacobs wanted to fight Romo. But NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who happened to be treating some of the league's rookies to a bag of sliders, overheard the conversation and called the parents of both players.

As of this writing, Jacobs has been grounded from television for two weeks and will have to miss a scheduled trip to Fun 'N' Stuff, while Romo will not be permitted to see his girlfriend for a week and will have his chores doubled for another two. 

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Neither party could be reached for comment, as they were both sulking on the beds in their rooms.