Peyton and Eli Manning Return to Rap Game with Another Superb DirecTV Commercial

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterAugust 11, 2014


Football is back, and there’s no surer sign of approaching pigskin than DirecTV pumping out another commercial featuring the Manning brothers.

Following up on the steamy, sonic stylings of "Football On Your Phone," Peyton and Eli’s new "Fantasy Football Fantasy" ad centers on the Fantasy Zone channel DirecTV will unveil this fall.

More immediately, however, the commercial focuses on flying horses, waterfalls and Joe Namath getting handsy with your mom.

The commercial is a fantasy you may or may not want to have.


Tiny footballs will sprinkle your face. Some footballs contain nachos. Some end zones contain waterfalls. This isn’t madness—this is Manning.

Eli lifts weights and flies into space, where there is no sound but plenty of Archie. There’s also Peyton, whose face is the moon at this point.

Chris Johnson will do your hair after you’re done catching Manning sandwich spirals. Strange men will stand expressionless in your backyard. Take off your judgment jeans. There are no rules here.

You could make an argument against DirecTV’s "If you like football, then you like fantasy" assertion.

It’s a bold marketing claim, but it’s not far from the truth. At this point, any football fan that refuses to play fantasy is a spiteful rube, Greg Schiano man or hipster purist of the worst stripe. They are not to be trusted.

What you can trust is that football season is officially upon us.

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