Boise State Football: Moore Than Meets the Eye . . .

Michael HromaContributor IMay 5, 2008

Obviously Boise State head football coach Chris Petersen will not be making any quarterback decisions until Fall of 2008.  Now is the time to analyze the tape from the spring practices and scrimmages, breaking down fundamentals, and critiquing what no one else can see with the naked eye.

In my opinion one quarterback stands out.  One has exceeded expectations.  Between the two front runners, freshman Kellen Moore and Bush Hamdan, that quarterback is Kellen Moore from Prosser, Washington.  Moore has not only shown he can lead the Bronco's during Spring ball '08, he has proven his worth with an impressive high school resume as well.

In his senior year at Prosser High School, Kellen did more then Bush Hamdan did his entire high school career at Bishop O'Connell High School in Virginia.

Moore passed for 4,629 yards and 67 touchdowns his senior year.  On top of that he had a passing completion of 71.9 percent, with only seven interceptions.

Hamdan in his entire high school career passed for over 4000 yards, and 40 touchdowns.  His senior year contributed 2,075 yards, 23 touchdowns, and only 50 percent passing completion.

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I believe if Kellen Moore's high school stats mean anything, then Boise State should have their quarterback situation locked up for the next four years.  Why place another outgoing senior under center and compromise the learning curve of a potential four year starter?

Kellen stepped up in spring ball.  He is settling into an explosive offense, that minus a couple of gaps in the O-Line, could be the best offense to roll through Boise, Idaho.

I say let Moore take the reigns.  Let him bust the Broncos into another BCS Bowl game.  If nothing else, let him give Boise one heck of a ride.


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