Seattle Seahawks Mascot Jukes 49ers Fan, Leaves Him on the Ground

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJuly 22, 2014


One particularly ponderous San Francisco 49ers fan is in the market for a fresh set of ankles after challenging Blitz, the Seattle Seahawks mascot, to a one-on-one coverage competition.

Garbed in his finest hoodie and sweatpants, the fan lined up opposite the giant bird-man and soon found himself adorning the pavement outside CenturyLink Field.

NextImpulseSports’ John Ferensen writes that the 49ers bro was one of many fans who showed up at the stadium to buy single-game Seahawks tickets on Monday morning.

Single game tickets for the upcoming Seattle Seahawks’ season went on sale Monday morning, and many fans camped out to get first dibs on the few available seats left at CenturyLink Field. As expected, some San Francisco 49ers fans joined in, presumably to snag tickets for the highly anticipated matchup in Seattle on December 14th.

Judging by the agonizing vertical video of the occasion, Blitz decided to entertain the crowd by challenging 49ers Bro to route-running.

Trash was talked, ligaments were Ginsu'd and Blitz left the poor man splayed unceremoniously on the concrete.

Was it offensive pass interference? Or just the worst pass coverage we’ve ever seen?

I’m leaning toward the latter. 49ers Bro played Blitz tight, and if the mascot did in fact get a little handsy, a simple chuck shouldn't have tipped this flat-brimmed Rock of Gibraltar. The fan put himself on an island and drowned. It happens.

Consider this oil on the fire for the already insufferable rivalry between Seahawks and 49ers fans. They'll use anything—even a meaningless sideshow event—as salt to rub in the other’s wounds.

But hey—it's the preseason. You take your pot shots where you can find them.

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