What's the Most Memorable Sporting Event You've Attended?

Jeffrey KleinCorrespondent IMay 4, 2008

Your Favorite Sports Moment?

For me, it was 1994 NBA Finals, game five. The Knicks, yes the team which most recently fired Isiah Thomas,   among the worst teams in the NBA, actually won some basketball games.

On June 17 1994, the Knicks captured a 3-2 series lead to close within one game of the title. Aside from being one of the loudest crowds of all of the sports events I have attended, it was also known as the “O.J. Game”.

If you folks, watching on TV, recall NFL Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson's slow-speed freeway chase was occurring simultaneously. Fans at the sold-out Madison Square Garden were packed into the corridors to watch the basketball game on one television, and the car chase on another. The NBA on NBC television broadcast even switched over to the car chase.

Although I was only eight years old at the time, I recall my father putting me on his shoulders, so that I could see the car chase among the crowd of people. It was one of the most bizarre sporting events that I have ever attended. People were more concerned with this idiot, then game five of the NBA Finals.

The victorious Knicks won a well-battled game, as Patrick Ewing and John Starks propelled the Knicks to a 94-86 win. The crowd, although distracted by the car chase, was louder then any other Knicks game I have attended. It was something I will remember for a long time. Fans had their towels ready, waving them around for every play.

Even re-watching the game was not able to help me relive my memories or tell the story of exactly what happened, in Madison Square Garden, that one evening in the summer of 1994. Those memories shall live with me for a lifetime, and that sporting event that I attended will live on with me forever.

Share with me!

(Was the crowd louder then you ever imagined in person, did you see history, a record broken, a fantastic play, a title won, future on the Jumbotron, or did the man in front of you refuse to sit down the whole game)

Tell Me Your Story, and try to throw up any cool pics, or pics of stubs or other cool tidbits you may want to share from your memory filled memorable event.

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