Athletes Doing Strange Things on Instagram

Laura Depta@lauradeptaFeatured ColumnistJuly 8, 2014

Athletes Doing Strange Things on Instagram

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    Instagram: a place for your favorite athletes to put their strange on display. 

    Sports figures often have thousands or even millions of followers—I guess their lives are more interesting than the rest of ours. 

    But just how interesting?

    Each of the following 25 athletes have accounts that are pretty fun to look at in general. I’m going to tell you a little about what you might see if you were to follow these folks, and then I’m going to throw in a particularly weird shot just for fun. 

    Some will only be semi-strange—like LeBron James carrying a tire down the street. Others will be downright freaky—like Kyrie Irving impersonating an elderly man. 

    Now, why Floyd Mayweather Jr. would want to put his bubble bath on display is unclear. But I’m not here to judge—I’m just here to point things out.

LeBron James

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    You’ll see a lot of: LeBron’s shoes, LeBron’s muscles, LeBron’s kids. 

    Strange one: He’s lifting one big-ass tire. I’m sure whatever team ends up paying LeBron’s salary next year will be happy to see he’s staying in shape this offseason.

    Follow him @kingjames.

Kelly Slater

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    You’ll see a lot of: Beautiful scenery, exotic animals and (hopefully) just one nose pimple (gross).

    Strange one: The famous surfer can be seen here housing a hot dog—apparently at a Costco.

    Follow him @kellyslater.

Alex Morgan

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    You’ll see a lot of: An extremely attractive brunette, costumes and unadulterated patriotism. 

    Strange one: America’s soccer sweetheart is modeling a sweet pair of leopard-print footie pajamas. This is both strange and awesome—adult footie pajamas are boss. 

    Follow her @alexmorgan13.

Tony Hawk

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    You’ll see a lot of: Halfpipes, skateboards and just general awesomeness. 

    Strange one: It’s a kissy-face mud-fest with Hawk and a blonde with jacked abs—presumably his girlfriend, Cathy Goodman

    Follow him @tonyhawk.

Rickie Fowler

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    You’ll see a lot of: Puma logos, colorful pants and paddleboards. 

    Strange one: Playing with kids is cute and all, but in terms of seeing Rickie Fowler as a blonde, once is enough for me.   

    Follow him @therealrickiefowler.

Chad Johnson

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    You’ll see a lot of: Colorful Nikes, cigars and then some more cigars. Seriously, what is with all the cigars? 

    Strange one: This photo is aptly captioned, “Selfie with a cool bear wearing a Canadian uniform of some sort.” Looks a lot like Smoky—only you can prevent forest fires, Ocho. 

    Follow him @ochocinco.

Shane Victorino

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    You’ll see a lot of: Shoes, Red Sox memories and family selfies. 

    Strange one: But this one time, Shane Victorino went all Britney Spears on a #python. 

    Follow him @shanevictorino.

Jimmie Johnson

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    You’ll see a lot of: Cars, bikes and Porta-Potties. OK, just two Porta-Potties, but that's enough.

    Strange one: Seeing Jimmie Johnson in a car is not out of the ordinary, to be sure. But this miniature pink clown car? Strange, but also adorbs. Totes. 

    Follow him @jimmiejohnson.

James Harden

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    You’ll see a lot of: Rappers, Houston Rockets and one very famous beard. 

    Strange one: In this particular shot, the NBA guard is chillin' on a four-wheeler, apparently living the #bikelife, according to his caption. This actually looks pretty awesome. 

    Follow him @jharden13.

McKayla Maroney

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    You’ll see a lot of: Exactly what you’d expect from an 18-year-old girl’s Instagram account—selfies on selfies. 

    Strange one: You will also see some late-night sauna meditation. Then again, nothing about this pose looks relaxing or comfortable to me. 

    Follow her @mckaylamaroney.

DeSean Jackson

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    You’ll see a lot of: Golf pictures, boat pictures and photoshopped LeBron James. 

    Strange one: This time, RGIII’s new target can be seen grilling with a cigar in his mouth. I’m no expert, but I don’t think that’s what they mean by “smoked sausage.”  

    Follow him @0ne0fone.

Mike Tyson

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    You’ll see a lot of: Throwbacks to the boxing days, celebrities and Iron Mike screaming at people.

    Strange one: Mike Tyson’s Instagram could have its own list of weird stuff. Seriously, there is a photo on there of the former champ posing with the Abominable Snowman. But of all of the weird stuff, this harmless shot of him doing the politician baby kiss looks most out of place. The caption? "See…babies love me!"

    Follow him @miketyson.

Adam Jones

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    You’ll see a lot of: Cleats, jerseys and an unreal number of food shots. 

    Strange one: Technically this image was seen on an episode of Off the Bat on MTV2, but it was also seen on the outfielder’s Instagram. What’s that he’s eating straight off of a baseball bat? Massive doughnuts for $200, Bob. 

    Follow him @simplyaj10.

Anthony Davis

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    You’ll see a lot of: Twitter screen shots, funny faces and one mean unibrow. 

    Strange one: The Pelicans big man covers up his famous facial hair with a Japanese headband. He did sort of make up for it with that crazy mustache, though. 

    Follow him @antdavis_23.

Colin Kaepernick

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    You’ll see a lot of: Tattoos, headphones and, well, Kaepernicking. 

    Strange one: Kaep can be seen here sporting a pretty serious horse mask, and no shirt of course. I’d kind of like to see the rest of the quarterback’s Halloween costume—oh, wait, this was posted in June. 

    Follow him @kaepernick7.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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    You’ll see a lot of: Abs, hair gel and actually really awesome soccer stills. 

    Strange one: Your man can be seen here flying an airplane. Or, pretending to fly an airplane. Who knows. 

    Follow him @cristiano.

Kevin Durant

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    You’ll see a lot of: Glasses, Redskins apparel and The Real MVP

    Strange one: Kevin Durant doesn’t exactly scream “terrifying presence” on the basketball court or in life, but I’m going to be having nightmares about this picture for weeks. At least this one appears to be Halloween-related. 

    Follow him @easymoneysniper.

Usain Bolt

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    You’ll see a lot of: Workout videos, track shots and clips from The Voice.

    Strange one: The world’s fastest man gets an umbrella and a cold drink and heads down to the track to sun himself. The track? Yes, the track. You don’t get to be the world’s fastest man by beach-lounging all day.

    Follow him @usainbolt.

Jordyn Wieber

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    You’ll see a lot of: Inspirational quotes, hands on hips and a fluffy white dog. 

    Strange one: The Olympic gold medalist can be seen here sticking gum on a wall in Seattle. This is apparently a big tourist attraction, located near the Pike Place Market and aptly called the “Gum Wall.” 

    Follow her @jordyn_wieber.

Jeremy Lin

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    You’ll see a lot of: Traveling adventures, group shots and bro tanks. All the bro tanks. 

    Strange one: There are some pretty awesome shots of a 'fro wig and a James Harden impersonation, but today the award goes to hula hoop. I should say, it goes to the hula hoop and those atrocious pants. 

    Follow him @jlin7.

Vernon Davis

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    You’ll see a lot of: Close-ups of VD’s face, half-eaten plates of food and full plates of food. 

    Strange one: It was between the fake mugshot and this one, but human pyramid won out in my book. Whoever came up with the strategy obviously didn’t realize that an NFL tight end probably isn’t exactly top-of-the-pyramid material. 

    Follow him @vernondavis85.

Kyrie Irving

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    You’ll see a lot of: Untied shoes, peace signs and little cartoons. 

    Strange one: You will also on special occasion catch a glimpse of Uncle Drew, Kyrie Irving’s elderly alter ego. What started as a character for Pepsi ads has taken on a life of its own—Uncle Drew even has his own Twitter handle, @ThisIsUncleDrew

    Follow Uncle Drew’s younger self @k1irving.

Michelle Wie

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    You’ll see a lot of: Actually, you’ll see a lot of strange stuff—Michelle Wie in a phone booth, Michelle Wie joking about lifting an airplane, Michelle Wie with pink hair… 

    Strange one: But in this instance, the latest U.S. Women’s Open champion posted a video of herself dumping a bucket of icy-cold water on her head.  

    Follow her @themichellewie.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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    You’ll see a lot of: TMT hats, (not so) humble bragging and photos of Justin Bieber. 

    Strange one: Even great champions need to relax now and again. In this video, Floyd is sitting in a bubble bath, eating fruit and listening to classical music. Who knew he was so sophisticated? 

    Follow him @floydmayweather.