The Most Annoying Things About the NBA

Bittu AhlawatContributor IMay 2, 2008

I have been watching NBA since I was very young. I saw the rebirth of the NBA in the 80's, to its peak it the 90's to the globalization of the game in the current decade. 

Now, over the years, there has been lots of things NBA has offered that I have enjoyed. For example, the All-Star Game, Dunk contest, showtime Lakers, MJ's domination.

But there has also been lots of things that annoy me A LOT that happens during the game. Now I do know some of things are doing for good sportsmanship but it doesn't change the fact that some of it make you cringe, and some are just pointless. So I am going to list few things down here that annoy me quite a bit and please let me know in the comments what are the things that annoy the heck out of you when watching this beautiful game.

  • Giving a high/low five to a teammates after he MISSES his free throw. If I was the commissioner of the league, any team that does this, opponents would receive a free free-throw (maybe this is why I am NOT the commissioner). Nonetheless, I am sure I am not the only one who doesn't enjoy this.

  • Weird Free-throw routines. Now, its okay for someone to dribble the ball couple of times and then shoot it. It gives them more of their normal routine shot that they take during a game. But for example, take someone like Gilbert Arenas. Ball goes around his body few times, then few dribbles, then a shot. I mean whats the point? Does his aim gets better when the ball in going around him in circles for three times? And then someone like Jason Kidd. Blowing Kisses to the rim. I mean if it helps so much, maybe he should have done it on his jump shots against NO and they might still be in playoffs.
  • If players have to wear the face mask when something gets broken in their face, then how come someone as freakish looking as Sam Cassell isn't forced to wear it all the time. I mean, what about the emotional scars that other players and fans get from having to look at his beautiful-face? Huh, Mr. Stern? What is your answer to that?
  • Now, last but not least, If I have to watch one more Tyler's Perry: House of Payne commercial on TNT, I will be go brizzirk that I might be qualified as Dennis Rodman's long lost crazy-twin brother. I mean, TNT's has to find some other sponsor. I mean anything. I am ready to watch Haynes' going out of business sale that they been having for last 10 years? I am ready to listen to watch those Lebron's Sprite commercials that I still haven't been able to comprehend. For that commercial alone, I have stopped watching any games played on TNT (beside the Lakers' games).

Now, someone else has to be out there other than me, who is annoyed by some of these minor things that are ruining the game of NBA (well they aren't ruining it, but I just wanted to say that for dramatic effects.)  

Now, tell me the things that annoy you during the games.



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