Astros-Padres Finale Delayed—By Bees!

Alex JohnsonCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2009

Rain delays are frequent in baseball:  it rains, the game is delayed, the rain eventually stops, and baseball resumes.

However, in the series finale between the Astros and Padres at PETCO Park, Thursday, there was a different sort of delay.

Bees were the result of the 52 minute delay.  Yes, bees...those pesky insects that sting you when they're mad.

The delay came in the top of the ninth, when bees got out of control in left field.

Play was halted, and a few sections of fans were cleared out.

The ball girl in left field had her jacket and chair infested with thousands of bees which resulted in a "bee keeper" being called in to remove them.

"The umpires made the right call to stop the game," Padres president Tom Garfinkel told The Associated Press. "There's a couple thousand bees there. If they decide to swarm on a person, whether that's a person, an employer or a fan, we could have a real situation."

After the delay the Astros went on to beat San Diego 7-2.

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