Rockets Forward Ron Artest Says He Is Going Strong With The LA Lakers

Bhavik DarjiCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2009

Somebody should check out Kobe's elbow—it has some sort of mind controlling powers. After getting in Kobe's face, Ron Artest has decided he will indeed be going strong with the Los Angeles Lakers.

First reported by CBSSports.com, Artest sent a text message to ESPN stating, "I am happy to say I am goin' to L.A."

Artest was suspected to go to either the Cavs or Lakers, or maybe stay with the Houston Rockets. Houston was dead set on signing Artest this offseason, as it was a priority after learning Yao might be done forever along with the possibility of McGrady missing half the season.

It was hard not to see this coming.

Artest was going to the Lakers games after he got eliminated and he also resides in Los Angeles during the summer. This also means Ariza will not be going back to the Lakers at all.

The Lakers did not want to sign Ariza for more then the mid-level exception and he took offense to that, seeing how well he performed in the postseason. That said, it looks like he might go to the Rockets in a similar situation that happened with the Warriors and Clippers when Davis went to LA while Maggette went to Golden State.

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Ariza has also been contacted by the Cavaliers.

A breakdown will be followed. Stay tuned for more.

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