Cent Sports: Prove You Know Sports for Money

jared farberContributor IMay 1, 2008

Finally, after about 6 months of being a member on this site, I have decided to write an article.

It is more of a challenge, but it will suffice. If you love sports and you think you know sports then prove it!

Not only will you prove that you know sports, but you can win money as well. Just go to http://www.centsports.com/?opcode=66494, set up an account, and begin to make bets on your favorite teams. You can make bets on many leagues in soccer, MLB, UFC, NHL, NBA, NCAA and NFL all during their seasons. 

This site is great because all the money is sponsored by advertisers. Also, you can never owe money. Also, once you achieve the goal of having $10 or more, then you can cash out.

I will keep tabs on every person that signs up and after every month the leader at that time will hold the crown of Cent Sports Champ.


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