IPL: 10 Strangest Moments in Indian Premier League History

Alex Telfer@@troyspeerFeatured ColumnistMay 16, 2014

IPL: 10 Strangest Moments in Indian Premier League History

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    The Indian Premier League has been the scene for a plethora of amazing sixes, razor-sharp fieldingastonishing catches and destructive spells of bowling over it's seven-year history. 

    But in amongst the maelstrom of colour, hype and noise there have also been some pretty bizarre moments too.

    Here, in a loose ascending order, are 10 of the strangest moments that the IPL has produced so far.

10. Dog on the Pitch

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    Let's start off gently with a classic dog on the pitch clip from one of the IPL's sojourns to South Africa.

    Nobody seems too keen on tackling the canine although to be fair, he's probably more effective in the field than Monty Panesar.

9. Ajinkya Rahane Breaks Bat

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    Go-Go-Gadget bat! OK, this isn't the most original entry in the list as we have all seen bats break on the field of play before but it is not normally as spectacular as this.

    There is just something about the way that Ajinkya Rahane's blade flies off into the air while still connected via string to the handle in the player's hand.

8. Adam Gilchrist Takes a Wicket

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    As if scoring over 15,000 international runs wasn't enough, in Adam Gilchrist's final IPL and career appearance he snared a wicket with his very first and only delivery.

    The wicketkeeper-batsman bowled a skilfully flighted ball that pitched and...not really. Quite simply, the batsman tried to slog it to cow corner and seconds later, Gilchrist was treating us all to one of the worst displays of Gangnam Style dancing ever recorded.

7. Andre Russell's Mystery Ball

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    Recently in IPL 7, Andre Russell and Shane Watson were involved in a strange passage of play that opened up a debate about bowler's strategies and actions.

    On his run-up to bowl, the West Indian acts like he's lost his rhythm and is pulling out of the delivery...before, at the last second, actually sending the ball down, passing harmlessly past a bemused Shane Watson for a valuable dot in the scorebook. 

    Apologies for the needless music in this clip.

6. Calamitous Missed Run out

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    That look from MS Dhoni says it all as this farce plays out in front of his eyes in a clash between Chennai and Deccan.

    Somehow his teammates combine to miss running out Dwayne Smith on a number of occasions through a procession of slap-stick errors that would thrill the Keystone Kops.

5. Pollard Drops Three Consecutive Catches

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    Normally, Kieron Pollard is King Midas-like in T20 cricket capable of winning games with bat, ball, and even in the field where his height enables him to pluck certain sixes out of the air.

    However, as this clip shows, the West Indian is capable of having an off-day as he somehow dropped Michael Hussey three times in three balls.

4. Ganguly Bowls Pietersen

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    Although Sourav Ganguly claimed 132 international wickets, by the time he came on to bowl in a 2012 IPL match between Pune and Delhi, he was 39 years old and bowling at a very gentle medium pace.

    So imagine Kevin Pietersen's horror when he somehow missed a straight one and heard the clatter of ball on stumps to send him trooping off to the dugout.

    Great celebration from the Indian legend also.

3. Amit Mishra's Run out

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    If at first you don't succeed, try and try again seems to be the Rajasthan Royals motto in this comical piece of cricket.

    Amit Mishra doesn't seem too bothered and is just standing around in the middle of the wicket as James Faulkner and Sanju Samson try multiple times to run him out eventually succeeding.

    The footage was reminiscent of this disastrous cricket computer game released last year just before the Ashes.

2. Pollard vs. Starc

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    It was hardly the Rumble in the Jungle or the Thriller in Manila but this dust up between Kieron Pollard (his second appearance in this list) and Mitchell Starc, although comedic, was ultimately embarrassing for both players.

    The West Indian half throws his bat at Starc in response to an aggressive delivery that just missed him despite Pollard walking away from the crease before the Aussie was due to bowl.

    Round Two: Warner v Zaheer

    Round Three: Pathan v Steyn

1. Million Dollar Maxwell

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    In IPL 6, the Mumbai Indians shocked the cricketing world by securing the services of the little-known Glenn Maxwell for the princely sum of $1 million despite his reserve price being just $200,000.

    Bizarrely, the Australian would only go on to play three games throughout the campaign scoring 36 runs at nearly $28,000 per go and taking zero wickets.

    Fast forward to IPL 7 and "The Big Show" was picked up by Kings XI Punjab for another cool million dollars.

    This time, the buyers have decided to play him and he's responded with the small matter of 517 runs at a strike rate of 198.08 to almost single-handedly take Punjab to the top of the table.

    So the question remains, why did Mumbai spend a million bucks on someone and then not play him?