Not Quite Boise State Breaking News: But Close Enough To Report

Lace BanachekAnalyst IJune 24, 2009

Bronco fans were not overly concerned about losing Drew Hawkins at reserve (third, fourth-string quarterback). In fact Boise State had already committed to Drew no longer being quarterback, but in a wide receiver position.

Drew would have been a great slot receiver (better yet, teach him to control snaps and he would have been easily fit into a Tanyon Bissell role). Drew was a nifty runner—could make descent yardage where there was none to be had and he could throw the ball as well (had one perfect spring scrimmage).

Well, the Broncos wasted no time bringing in another. Grant Hendrik out of Independence, Oregon—the brilliant signal caller for their Central High School came to Boise camp and played so well he was offered a scholarship. Grant accepted after talking it over with his father.

Sure, this kid is underweight for Div. 1 (174 pounds) but that is all he has going against him. Grant like Drew loves to run although he knows how to find his receivers, throwing for more than 3,000 yards and 40 touchdowns. Grant brings a lot to the table, and the rest is teachable.


Article first published by Lace Banachek on 6/24/2009 at http://broncobluereview.blogspot.com/

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