5 Creative Moves the Chicago Bears Can Pull on Draft Day

Ross Read@@RossReadContributor IIIApril 24, 2014

5 Creative Moves the Chicago Bears Can Pull on Draft Day

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    Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
    Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton-DixRogelio Solis

    When it comes to the NFL draft, nothing stays the same. Teams are always working the phones to better themselves. The Bears currently sit in what could be considered first-round purgatory, but they can make some moves to change that. 

    Whether it's trading up to get an impact player at a position of need or even trading down to find multiple starters, general manager Phil Emery needs to be open to any and all moves.

    Here are five creative and realistic moves the Bears can pull off on draft day.  

Trade Up to Get Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

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    As they sit at No. 14 in the first round, the Bears might be just barely out of the reach of Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. If they really want the best safety in the draft, they might have to trade up to get him. 

    The Bears could make a move with the Buffalo Bills. The Bills select ninth, one pick ahead of the Detroit Lions. Clinton-Dix would be a perfect fit for the Lions and likely wouldn't get past them. 

    It would likely cost their spot at 14 and a third- or fourth-round pick to get Clinton-Dix. Is it a lot to give up? It depends on what kind of value you place on a potential impact safety. 

    Remember, Khaseem Greene, Brandon Hardin and Evan Rodriguez are the third- and fourth-round picks over the last two seasons. Only one, Greene, is still on the roster. 

Trade Down and Draft Bradley Roby

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    There is a flip side to the first scenario. Phil Emery might look to trade down and gain an extra pick while still landing a quality player. 

    We don't know the Bears' big board, but often a GM might have another player graded higher than a guy thought of highly by others. Bradley Roby could be that kind of player. 

    The Bears might have an outside shot at Justin Gilbert and a realistic shot at Darqueze Dennard if they stay at No. 14. Maybe Emery believes Roby is not that far off from those guys. 

    Sliding down to the San Diego Chargers' spot at No. 25 could get Roby and an extra pick in the third round.

    Using that extra pick, the Bears can work on addressing their lack of depth on offense, especially at quarterback, running back, tight end and offensive line.

Trade Up in the Second Round

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    Rick Osentoski

    The Bears hit a home run with receiver Alshon Jeffery the last time they traded up in the second round. It's possible they could do the same to grab an impact safety like Jimmie Ward. 

    If there's a chance to grab two impact defensive starters in the first two rounds, then you have to do it. The Bears could come away from this draft with Aaron Donald in the first round and Ward in the second. 

    Look no further than the third pick in the second round. The Cleveland Browns already have 10 picks in this year's draft, but with a new regime in place, they could look to add more. 

    Swapping second-round picks with the Browns would make sense if Ward was still there. They could either give up a middle- to late-round pick this year or let one of next year's go. The Browns need all the help they can get and will likely welcome another pick next season. 

Create a Bidding War with Teams Desperate for a Quarterback

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    We don't know who the top quarterback in the draft will be or when these guys will start coming off the board. 

    What if some of these signal-callers start to slide? The Bears could see a bidding war for their first-round pick if Johnny Manziel or Blake Bortles is still on the board. 

    Cleveland has two first-round picks. They could draft receiver Sammy Watkins fourth overall and look to grab a quarterback to throw to him. Cleveland can look to aggressively hold off another team looking to get back into the first round. 

    The Browns have the best chance of giving what the Bears want in this scenario. It would cost the Browns their 26th overall pick in this year's draft and the third pick in the second round. This trade would be a win for the Bears, who need two defensive starters.

Trade a Sixth-Round Pick for Matt McGloin

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    Lenny Ignelzi

    The Raiders have already moved a backup quarterback and could trade another to gain an extra pick. Matt Schaub is the starter and Trent Edwards could be his backup, leaving Matt McGloin out in the cold. 

    Did you know McGloin had five straight games with over 200 passing yards last year? He's been in the league for only two seasons and could be the perfect person behind Jay Cutler

    With Jordan Palmer as the primary backup, it's evident the Bears still need another quarterback. McGloin is a good piece to keep if you're Oakland, but what if it picks up another quarterback in this draft? That makes McGloin expendable. 

    If Oakland takes a guy like AJ McCarron in the third round, then McGloin can be had for perhaps one of the Bears' sixth-round picks. It would be a smart move on both sides.