Tim Tebow Celebrates Easter by Chopping Lumber with Jase from 'Duck Dynasty'

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterApril 21, 2014


Sunday is a day of rest, remembrance and furious bicep sculpting for Tim Tebow.

The former NFL quarterback headed out to the woodpile this Easter to put in some work, as noted in a tweet by Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson. 

Indeed, #OperationBiceps seemed to be well underway for Robertson, who sat by watching Tebow work with the ax. 

You may be wondering what a bearded beanpole like Robertson is doing hanging out with an ex-NFL Adonis like Tebow. As it turns out, the two are men of faith with a shared interest in spreading the Good Word.

Tebow and Robertson, who are both devout Christians, were first seen together on a 2013 speaking circuit in which they shared their personal testimonies and faith with several high school football teams.

Consider this wood-chopping workout a warm up for the Tebow and Robertson reunion tour. 

The two men will hit the speaking circuit again this July, stopping by the University of South Florida for the 2014 Wildfire “Men’s Impact Weekend” conference. 

Tebow might not be working out with NFL teams, but he’s lopping lumber for the Lord. Someone has to honor the carpenter, right?

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