Ryan Michael Writes a Randy Orton Promo: Chapter 1 (6/22/09)

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJune 20, 2009

I have been told by my fellow Pro Wrestling writers and a number of fellow Ortonites that I have the gift of channeling Randy Orton's character.

Prior to Wrestlemania XXV, I scripted an open letter to Triple H from the perspective of Orton's character and the article seemed to get over well.

This will be my first (and possibly my only) attempt to write a fictitious promo for the Monday Night Raw event to be held next week. In the event that the readers enjoy the following promo, I might become motivated to create future works.

For now though, let's take a look at a future promo that Randy Orton "could" cut this coming Monday night...

The show kicks off with the camera capturing the excitement of the crowd as the announcers promote the first "commercial-free" Raw in history.

They plug the night's main event which will be a Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship being contested by Randy Orton and Triple H.

As the announcers conclude their introductory promotions, Randy Orton's entrance music hits as he walks to the ring alone with the WWE Championship over his shoulder. He enters the ring, holding the title belt high above his head with one hand.

Randy Orton picks up the microphone and says the following...

"Minutes, it was just a matter of minutes before people began to forget that I won the WWE Championship as all of you instead directed your focus to the excitement surrounding the sale of Monday Night Raw.

It was minutes before everybody began to forget who had just won the WWE title as you all started to focus on who would become the next No. 1 contender.

That, people, is not a matter of disrespect but a matter of selective thinking. Because I know damn well that none of you want to think about the champion standing before you.


You want to dream about who is going to become your savior. Who is going to be able to take down Randy Orton.

But I got news for you, it's not gonna to happen!

Last week, Triple H had his opportunity to become the WWE Champion, and what happened?

I both out-performed and out-thought three of the industry's top Superstars and when it was all said and done, I walked away with the WWE title.

Triple H, assuming the punt I gave you two months ago didn't knock away all of your memory, I want you to think about recent history.

The last two times we were in the same ring together, I walked away as the WWE Champion and you walked away with nothing.

So what makes you think that tonight will be any different?

How many times are you going to try and fail before you realize that evolution has passed you by?

What is there left for you to prove?

You helped me reach my potential all those years ago, but you were also the one who turned on me when I was loyal to you.

I want all you people to know that the man you so blindly cheer for is the same man who created the champion that stands before you.

Triple H, when you Ric Flair and Batista turned on me five years ago, you sealed your own fate.

I kicked Ric Flair and the skull and I broke down Dave Batista to the point where he has to sit at home and think about what he brought upon himself for the second time this year alone.

Need I remind you that it was only two months ago that I kicked you in the skull and took back my WWE title.

It's not a question of whether or not I'll beat you tonight, Triple H, it's just a matter of how I'll choose to end it.

Before you step in the ring with me tonight, think about exactly what it is your doing. For once in your life take a moment to value your own well-being.

If not for yourself Triple H, think about your wife and children.

You don't want them to have to watch every Monday night and worry.

You don't want them to have wonder whether or not you'll end up like Ric Flair. Wrestling until you're 60 because you didn't know when to let it go. You didn't know when to admit to yourself that you're not the man you once were.

Sure, in 2003, you may have been "The Game," but in 2009, you're nothing but Randy Orton's b**ch.

Don't tempt me Hunter, because the longer you keep this up, the more I'm going to take it out on you.

And you know something?

Your going to deserve every bit of what you get from me because if it wasn't for the decisions that you made, none of this would have ever happened.

Prepare yourself tonight Triple H because I don't care if you leave this arena as the loser or you leave this arena on a stretcher, I'm going to be leaving as the WWE Champion."


Please be aware that the above scripted promo is 100% fictitious. In no way do I endorse any of the comments or views presented in the promo. Randy Orton portrays a villainous character on television, therefore the promos he cuts are going to represent an attitude and beliefs of a bad-guy.

I do not intend for any of the content presented in the promo to be taken seriously as I view the content as being similar to what a villain would portray in film or on television.

In no way do the attitudes and beliefs expressed in the promo reflect how I would feel about any real-life situation.

Thank you for your understanding.

PS: Be sure to look out for my exclusive interview with Colt Cabana (otherwise known as Scotty Goldman) which should hopefully be published sometime soon. Feel free to contact me for details.


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