Bode Miller Has Quesadilla Confiscated at the Masters Tournament

Ken Chin@@thekenchinSocial Media StaffApril 11, 2014

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U.S. Olympian Bode Miller is making the rounds after capturing a bronze medal in Sochi. That included a trip to the Masters with his wife, and they paid $7,500 for tickets to the tournament. 

However, the skier ran into some trouble when he tried to bring his quesadilla out of the suite and onto the golf course. The security guards quickly stopped him and took away his delicious snack.

Miller wasn't too pleased. Per The Augusta Chronicle's Susan McCord (via, Miller said, "If you pay $7,500, you ought to be able to bring out a quesadilla." 

The man makes a great point. However, the food prices at the Masters are affordable, so he can get something else to eat. 

All those food items look good, but sometimes you just want a quesadilla. We feel your pain, Bode. 

[The Big Lead]

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