Team Fighting Championship Is 5-on-5 MMA Insanity You Have to See

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 8, 2014

For those who find normal MMA dull, here is some five-on-five action that should get that heart pumping. Also, see a doctor, because your need for more action is a little disconcerting.

Middle Easy's Zeus spotted this video, thanks to a tip from Twitter user Phuket Top Team, featuring a cavalcade of awesome.

The YouTube description from Team Fighting Championship has a bit more detail on the advent of team-building exercises that now feature fists to faces:

This is a 4 minutes video of the Fight 1 of the TFC Event 1 LPH (Poznan, Poland) vs Wisemen (Gothenburg, Sweden). The 15 minutes video is already available on our site www.teamsfight.com for registered users.

They go on to say that they will continue to upload more snippets to YouTube in the coming weeks, so consider this an aperitif to get you hungry for more melee action.

We all love MMA, but we simply have to ask when considering a sports spin-off that seems aimed at ADD fans who just found the usual fisticuffs boring: Were you not entertained? Well, I guess you weren't, because this confined MMA riot is now a thing.

Most of you may have the same reaction to the video as comedian and MMA color commentator Joe Rogan, who had some NSFW thoughts on the video via Twitter, stating simply, "Team fighting? That's [expletive] nuts."

Indeed, it is nuts, especially considering what YouTube commenters spotted, which was the discrepancy in the team's sizes.

As you see in the video, the fight begins with a clash of kicks and punches and devolves into fighters trying to stave off attacks from their backs. However, we never quite get to see any grappling, because as one fighter submits, it opens up the ability for the other team to double-, triple- and quadruple-team an opponent.

It's like an avalanche of aggression toppling over the opposing side, and it's swift.

If this fight was any indication, bouts might take all of a few minutes to conclude, giving MMA fans a brawl with a ton to see and limited time to savor the images.

Essentially, it's what you all might order on a wish list in 2014.

Of course, there is stuff that needs to be worked out here and there, and this is just a slice of a much larger presentation.

However, we were at the very least intrigued to see more. If you feel the same, we might just have the next iteration of MMA. This seems to take place in Poland, but it is definitely something American fans might enjoy as well. 

With that, we have the worst position to be in sport: the last man standing during a Team Fighting Championship fight.

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