15 Sports Apps You Never Knew You Needed

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistApril 3, 2014

15 Sports Apps You Never Knew You Needed

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    Paul Sakuma

    We live in a very mobile world these days, with everyone checking their Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook apps seemingly every hour to try and stay current.

    While these apps are helpful to keep us engaged in what's going on around the globe, they're often missing something—sports.

    Thankfully, though, jocks and nerds got together to build some pretty dope sports apps for fans to use and these are the ones that all of us need to have.

    If I forgot any, let me know in the comments and I'll check them out. 


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    Does this count as a sports app? I don't know.

    But since it's my article—and I use Runkeeper religiously—I'm going to go ahead and say it does.

    For all those weekend warriors out there who enjoy running and biking: Rather than spend hundreds on an expensive GPS watch, just download this active app to see all the important info you need like mileage and average pace.

    Just don't compare it to Olympians' times.

    Price: Free

The Official Masters Tournament

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    Maybe it's because the Masters starts next weekend, but this app has been on my mind the past few days.

    For all those who have never taken in the sights and sounds of Augusta National, this app breaks the course  down for you with the touch of a few simple swipes, giving you up-to-date stats for this year's current leaders, as well as some cool historical stuff, too.

    The slideshows and videos of each hole is my personal favorite.

    Price: Free

NBC Sports Live Extra

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    Like a few other apps on this list, NBC Sports Live Extra gives sports enthusiasts over-the-top coverage of everything they love the most, including live games that air on NBC for free.

    So while the Olympics may have passed, knowing that anyone could have lived the action of Sochi out on their tablet or cell phone is pretty amazing—and you didn't even have to deal with the #SochiProblems that others did.

    But even without the Games going on, it's still worth checking out for all the thousands of hours of coverage from other sports.

    Price: Free

ESPN Streak for the Cash

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    I'm not sure there is a sports fan out there who doesn't like to test their knowledge against friends.

    And while ESPNs Streak for the Cash app doesn't let you specifically go head-to-head with your buddies, it does let them earn bragging rights by placing a prediction on that day's sports action—all for money, too!

    For the fan who can run the longest streak of accurate picks from the daily matchup list, cold hard cash is all yours—without booking a flight to Vegas.

    Price: Free

Thuuz Sports

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    Although it seems like sports fans are overloaded with all the top things going on in each game, the truth is that it's tough to jump from game-to-game and know for certain what epic moments are happening.

    Rather than see the highlights of Steph Curry's game-winner, wouldn't you rather watch it live?

    I'd hope so.

    That's what Thuuz does, at it ranks live games on a scale of 0-100, suggesting to fans the ones that are being talked about the most on social media.

    Price: Free

ESPN ScoreCenter

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    My one beef with the ESPN ScoreCenter app? It's actually too comprehensive for my liking—which probably isn't a bad thing.

    With customizable notifications and the amount of live, streaming coverage, no one has an excuse to ever miss out on what's happening in the world of sports.

    And for those who have the WatchESPN app—which allows fans to watch live games—ScoreCenter is a place where one can access all of those contests.

    Price: Free

MLB.com at the Ballpark

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    There are baseball apps that do the same thing many of these live-scoring apps do, but MLB.com at the Ballpark is unique in the sense that it gives fans an in-depth, virtual experience of each stadium.

    Whether you're just playing around on it to get history, facts or pictures about a field, or to get special offers and rewards when actually at a game, this app makes a trip to the ballpark just a few touches away—without the fear of missing a foul ball.

    Price: Free

NHL GameCenter

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    Although the NHL GameCenter app is free in itself to download, taking full advantage of its functionality will cost users a pretty penny—try, $49.99.

    But if you're a diehard hockey fan, it's totally worth it.

    That's because the app is like a personal TV at your fingertips, with live-streaming games and highlights, as well as a vault of classic matchups that date back to the 1960s.

    For those hockey buffs, this is a must-have.

    Price: Free (with optional, paid upgrades)

Sports Jeopardy!

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    I mentioned ESPNs Streak for the Cash earlier, but Sports Jeopardy! actually gives fans sports trivia questions to help them broaden their knowledge.

    Much like the game show that shares the same name, Sports Jeopardy is catered to fans who think they know everything about the world of sports.

    It's fun and interactive, making for a great way to waste time—with the one downfall being that an Internet connection is required to play.

    Price: $0.99

NBA Game Time

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    Like other apps that give live-streaming coverage of games and highlights, NBA Game Time goes a step above thanks to its classic games section for fans to experience.

    So, yeah, it's great to see today's stars like LeBron James and Blake Griffin throw down sick slams, but have you ever seen Kareem Abdul-Jabbar against Oscar Robertson live?

    If not, this app let's you do just that.

    Price: Free (with optional, paid upgrades)

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014

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    Every single guy reading this needs to pause for a second and go download the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 app, because it will literally blow your mind—and be quite the distraction.

    With a  behind-the-scenes look at some of the world's most stunning models, this app provides videos and pictures of SI models that will make you feel like you're on a first date with them—which is about as close as we'll all get to actually doing that.

    Price: Free


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    Just like the video game designed for in-house consoles, FIFA 14 now let's you play as your favorite players from your iPhone or iPad.

    Sure, conquering the world won't be easy when you're forced to use just your fingertips to march up the field to score goals, but because of it's exciting gameplay and dramatic presentation, this app will make you feel like you're actually on the pitch.

    Price: Free

NCAA March Madness Live

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    Much like the Masters app I mentioned earlier, NCAA March Madness Live isn't something that a fan would use year-round, but during the three week tournament, there's nothing that beats it.

    With the option to never miss a single moment from any tourney game, the app gives fans streaming videos and highlights from all the action.

    It might be difficult to get to a game in-person, but with NCAA March Madness, it feels like you're in the front row.

    Price: Free

Bleacher Report's Team Stream

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    You do know who I work for, right?

    With comprehensive news about your favorite teams, Bleacher Report's Team Stream app gives fans every bit of info they need about the squads they care about most—all in one easy place.

    And if you've just gotten too much overload from your own team, browse the app to see what other big news is happening in the sports world and become the first to share the story with friends through various social outlets.

    Price: Free


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    Walking up to the nosebleeds of a stadium, every fan has that bitter feeling about the open seats down in the lower sections of an arena, wondering if there's a way to upgrade.

    Thanks to Pogoseat, there actually is.

    With in-event ticket upgrades at a reduced cost, fans inside the arena can now go from dud to dude, purchasing open marketed seats that went unsold.

    So while you may drop a few more bucks to get closer to the action, it's totally worth it knowing you don't need to use your binoculars to see what's going on.

    Price: Free


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