Donte Stallworth: Another Example of an Athlete Getting Off Easy

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IJune 17, 2009

NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 7:   Donte Stallworth #18 of the Cleveland Browns points on the field during the game against the Tennessee Titans on December 7, 2008 at LP Field in Nashville, Tennessee.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

What has become of today's society?

Today, athletes and celebrities get away with just about anything while the average American can't get away for a simple traffic ticket.

Today's society is a mark of how twisted and vile the view of what's right and what's wrong has become.

The latest edition:  Donte Stallworth.

Stallworth reached a plea deal for a 30 day sentence for the murder of Mario Reyes, who was killed by a vehicle driven by Stallworth while he was drunk.

The kick:  He only has to serve 24 days!

One day is already accounted for and because of some Florida state statute that says that anyone who is sentenced to 30 days automatically gets a five-day credit. 

That means, Stallworth already served six days.

Wow, what a break for Donte!

Is that fair?

Is 30 days, really 24 days, fair enough for murdering someone? 

Call it manslaughter, call it whatever you want.  He drove drunk and killed a man.  He took someone's loved one, someone's dad, someone's best friend, someone's son from this world because he made a stupid decision.

It's not fair; it's not fair to the family or the average American.

I don't know how the family of the late Mario Reyes feels, but no amount of money would be enough for him to get 30 days. 

I would be irate if the person who is responsible for killing my loved one got 30 days.

But Stallworth bought his way out of a lawsuit as well.  He reached a financial settlement with the family of Mario Reyes to avoid a potential lawsuit.

Hey, if the family feels that's the way to go about things, all for it! 

That's not how I feel. 

I'd much rather see the person responsible pay for it in terms of jail time.  Stallworth was facing 15 years in prison, and he should have at least got one year in jail.

That's my thinking.

What's the difference between someone killing another person because he stole from him and someone who killed someone while driving drunk? 

There is no difference, it's the same deal.  You murdered someone, it's that simple.

You can say that the alcohol altered your decisions, but that doesn't mean anything.  You decided to take that drink or two or three and so on, you got in that car, you hit that person, you did it, not the glass of Jack Daniels.

You did it. 

You are responsible.

Stallworth got a break because he's a famous athlete.  If it was an average American, would that person get just 30 days for killing someone while driving drunk? 

In some cases, I guess so, but in most, no way.  How many times have you seen, on the news, someone getting 30 days for killing another human being while driving drunk?

I don't recall seeing many.

Stallworth got off easy in my opinion. 

Getting only 24 days for killing someone is a break, and Stallworth better sober up because could you just imagine the chaos if you saw him in a bar again.

Mike Vick got everything he deserved, and he deserved everything he got.  Vick is scum.  I'm not defending Vick by any means; I'm not a fan of him as a quarterback or a human being. 

I love animals, I love dogs, and I hate dog fighting and animal cruelty.

Everyone and their mother were outraged about what Vick did, and yet there hasn't been any outrage of Stallworth.

I'll end with this: Do we really value dogs more than human beings?


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